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Big 12 Football 2022 Transfer Portal Rankings

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National Signing Day for college football, annually held on the first Wednesday in February, is coming up fast. This, of course, is not to be confused with the Early Signing Day that occurs in December. 

But even after National Signing Day comes and goes, many teams’ rosters for the 2022 season will continue to evolve as coaches and players shuffle the cards in the Wild West dystopia of the Transfer Portal. 


The portal is a buyer’s market with few players commanding the kind of bidding war for their services that they hope for, but it can also be a challenge for teams and coaches to find the right fit when shopping the portal. There’s an art to finding talent in the portal, and some do it better than others. 

While several or even all of the teams in the Big 12 can be expected to make more moves in the portal before the fall camp begins, now is a good time to check in on how each team has done so far. 


*All transfer star rankings are per 247 Sports. 

**Classes (e.g., RS/Covid freshman) are assigned as estimates of the player’s remaining eligibility, not actually class standing. 


1. Texas 

  • 4 transfers, 16 transfer stars (average: 4.0 transfer stars)
  • 3 P5 transfers, 1 G5 transfer
  • Top transfers: 
    • QB Quinn Ewers (Ohio State), RS Freshman, 5-star transfer; no stats.
    • TE Jahleel Billingsley (Alabama), RS/Covid Sophomore, 4-star transfer; 37 receptions for 559 yards and six TDs in three seasons.
    • WR Isaiah Neyor (Wyoming), Covid Sophomore, 4-star transfer; 47 receptions for 1,039 yards and 11 TDs in two seasons.
  • Note: There are much larger transfer classes, but Texas gets the most bang for the buck as every single incoming transfer has the makings of an All-Big 12 player; plus, winning the Ewers sweepstakes is huge for a team with a lot of question marks at QB.

2. Oklahoma 

  • 9 transfers, 27 transfer stars, (average: 3.75 transfer stars). Note: one player has not received a transfer ranking yet.
  • 4 P5 transfers, 5 G5 transfers
  • Top tranfers: 
    • QB Dillon Gabriel (UCF), Covid Junior, 4-star transfer; 554 of 913 (60.6%) for 8,037 yards and 70 TDs to 14 INTs in three seasons.
    • OL McKade Mettauer (Cal), Covid Junior, 4-star transfer; OL players do not accrue traditional stats.
    • DL Jonah La’ulu (Hawaii), RS/Covid Sophomore, 4-star transfer; 70 tackles, 42 solo, 8 sacks in three seasons.
  • Note: Oklahoma found itself in desperate need of reinforcements, and the coaching staff has done a great job of utilizing the transfer portal to beef-up the roster with experienced contributors and potential stars.

3. TCU

  • 6 transfers, 20 transfer stars (average: 3.33 average) 
  • 4 P5 transfers, 2 G5 transfers
  • Top transfers:
    • OL Alan Ali (SMU), Senior, 4-star transfer; no stats
    • RB Emani Bailey (Louisiana), RS Sophomore, 4-star transfer; 112 carries for 702 yards (6.26 per carry) and 8 TDs; 15 receptions for 153 yards in two seasons.

4. Kansas State

  • 5 transfers, 13 transfer stars (average: 3.25 transfer stars). Note: one player has not received a transfer ranking yet.
  • 5 P5 transfers
  • Top transfers:
    • LB Branden Jennings (Maryland), Sophomore, 4-star transfer; 23 tackles, 17 solo in five games.
    • QB Adrian Martinez (Nebraska), Super Senior, 3-star transfer; 670 of 1,055 (63.5%) for 8,491 yards, 45 TDs to 40 INTs; 508 carries for 2,301 yards (4.5 per carry) and 35 TDs in four seasons.
  • Note: K-State has used the portal like a skilled surgeon this offseason – there is no fat on the transfer list, just Day One contributors and potential stars.

5. Kansas

  • 7 transfers, 21 transfer stars (average: 3.0 stars)
  • 5 P5 transfers, 2 G5 transfers
  • Top transfers:
    • DT Lonnie Phelps (Maryland), RS/Covid Sophomore, 3-star transfer; 57 tackles, 38 solo, 16 sacks in three seasons.
    • RB Ky Thomas (Minnesota), Sophomore, 3-star transfer; 166 carries for 824 yards (4.96 yards per carry) and 6 TDs; 6 receptions for 44 yards.
  • Kansas has done a great job of adding P5 talent and toughness to its roster via the portal this offseason.

6. Texas Tech

  • 8 transfers, 21 transfer stars (average: 3.0 transfer stars). Note: one player has not received a transfer ranking yet.
  • 5 P5 transfers, 1 G5 transfer, 2 FCS transfers
  • Top transfers: 
    • OT Monroe Mills (Oklahoma State), RS Freshman, 3-star transfer; no stats
    • QB Jacob Rodriguez (UVA), RS Freshman, 3 transfer stars; no stats
  • Note: Texas Tech has done a great job of using the portal to improve its long-term depth.

7. West Virginia

  • 4 transfers, 12 transfer stars (average: 3.0 transfer stars)
  • 1 P5 transfer, 2 G5 transfers, 1 FCS transfer
  • Top transfers:
    • RB Lyn-J Dixon (Clemson), Covid Senior, 3-star transfer; 218 carries for 1,420 yards (6.5 per carry) and 13 TDs, 20 receptions for 190 yards and 1 TD in four seasons.
    • CB Marcus Floyd (Murray State), RS/Covid Sophomore, 3-star transfer; FCS player
  • Note: West Virginia has added some quality depth along with a possible every down RB in Lyn-J Dixon.

8. Iowa State

  • 2 transfers, 6 transfer stars (average: 3.0 transfer stars)
  • 1 P5 Transfer, 1 FCS  transfer
  • Top transfers: 
    • LB Colby Reeder (Delaware), Covid Senior, 3-star transfer; FCS player
    • DL MJ Anderson (Minnesota), RS Sophomore, 3-star transfer; 8 tackles, 4 solo, 1 sack in two seasons.
  • Note: Iowa State has found two players that will help reload the defense. Colby Reeder could be an All-Big 12 player next season.

9. Baylor

  • 1 transfer, 4 transfer stars (average: 4.0 transfer stars)
  • 1 G5 transfer
  • Top transfer:
    • DL Jaxon Player (Tulsa), Covid Senior, 4-star transfer; 136 tackles, 66 solo, 8 sacks in four seasons.
  • Note: Baylor hasn’t hit the portal as hard this offseason as last, but they got a stud in Player.

10. Oklahoma State

  • No transfers
  • Note: Don’t be surprised if Oklahoma State grabs some depth pieces from the portal before next season kicks off.
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