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A Wisconsin Fan is Drinking Raw Eggs Every Day Until Caleb Williams Commits

NCAA Football: Oklahoma at Kansas

How far are you willing to go to support your favorite team?

Well, one Wisconsin Badgers fan is showing his dedication to the team by going above and beyond the typical fan by helping out with recruitment.

Zack Olson is using an unconventional recruitment technique to try and lure Oklahoma transfer quarterback Caleb Williams to Wisconsin. Olson is drinking a raw egg each day until Caleb Williams transfers to Wisconsin.


If Caleb Williams wants to go to a loyal fanbase that will put him above their own health and wellness, then this crazy tactic might just work.

Caleb Williams has been tied to Wisconsin through his connection to Seattle Seahawks quarterback and former Wisconsin Badger Russell Wilson. Wisconsin also just signed Bobby Engram as their new offensive coordinator, which 247 Sports’ Chris Hummer sees as a recruitment tactic of their own.


If Williams does end up in Wisconsin though, it will surely be due to the efforts of Zack Olson.

The question is will Olson continue to drink raw eggs if Williams decides to transfer somewhere other than Wisconsin?

That is a question that might need an answer in the future, but for now we just get to sit back and enjoy the sit of raw eggs being consumed by a loyal fan who has made it his mission to get Caleb Williams to Wisconsin.


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