Dominating in the NBA: The 7 Best Players in the NBA Today

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The NBA, hands down, is the best basketball league in the world. No matter where you are in the world, if you’re playing on a high level of basketball, you can make it in the NBA. Of course, making it to the NBA and doing well in the league are two different things. To be in the NBA, you have to be physically fit and mentally strong.  

The best players in the NBA have those qualities and so much more. Whether small or big, the elite players that define greatness in the NBA play to their strengths. Hate them or love them; these players are the real deal. In this article, let’s look at the seven best players in the league right now.  

Lebron James – Los Angeles Lakers 

Although the Lakers are trailing in the standings right now, the “King” Lebron James is absolutely on a tear. Even if he’s 37 years old, he’s producing some of the best numbers of his career this season. Just recently, Lebron James became the NBA’s all-time leading regular season and playoff scorer, surpassing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  

The King has it all: Strength, shooting, athleticism, passing, and IQ. Lebron James has everything in his skillset to become great. Another thing that Lebron has is longevity. Despite his age, he’s healthy and performing at a high level. With championship experience and a solid career, Lebron James has a lot left in the gas tank. Love him or hate him, the skills he brings to the game should always be appreciated while we still can. 

Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors 

The most dangerous 3-point shooter in the league is Stephen Curry. Before breaking the NBA record for most career three-pointers made, Curry was and is already a deadeye from the arc. Lazy defenses simply don’t stand a chance when Steph crosses the half-court line. A few steps from that marker, “Chef” Curry can pull up for a three and splash it through the net.  

If his godly 3 point shooting isn’t enough, Stephen Curry can also get past defenders with his good handles. He’s a crafty veteran, and he’s definitely one, if not the best, shooter in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors are currently second in the West. Since most NBA odds favor Stephen Curry and the Warriors, you can count on them to get you a dub.  

Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets 

Even though Kevin Durant is on the sidelines due to an injury, we can’t leave him out on any list that’s about greatness. Kevin Durant, KD, or the “Slim Reaper” is a constant threat wherever he is on the floor. KD can shoot from the three, midrange, drive for a layup, and can even smash the ball through the hoop if he needs to.  

Don’t be deceived by his lanky appearance and his listed height. Durant is listed at 6’9 ft, but he’s actually 7’0. If you take that into perspective, KD has the height of a center but moves like a shooting guard. That idea alone should be enough to terrify opposing defenses. Brooklyn fans have to be patient, though, as a return this season is highly possible. 

Giannis Antetekounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks 

Giannis Antetokounmpo is a physical specimen to behold. With his physique, the “Greek Freak” has the advantage of speed and power against opposing players. A drive towards the hoop is almost always a dunk for Giannis.  

Giannis is one of the youngest players on this list, which makes it even more terrifying. He’s also developing range from the 3-point line. After two MVP awards, a championship, and being crowned finals MVP, Giannis has more than proved to the world that he belongs among the elite.  

Nikola Jokic – Denver Nuggets 

Although he hasn’t won a championship yet, Nikola Jokic has the tools he needs to do so. Not your typical center, the “Joker” puzzles defenses with his offensive prowess. If he doesn’t get you with a mid-range shot or a layup, he’ll fake you out with a fancy assist. Nikola Jokic is a point-center and leads the league with the most triple-doubles this season at 16. 

Kawhi Leonard – Los Angeles Clippers 

Injuries are common in the NBA, and sadly, one of the best players in the league is still recovering. Kawhi, “The Klaw” Leonard, is recovering after surgically repairing a torn ACL. Before being injured, Kawhi Leonard was pushing defenses with his smooth shooting.  

Kawhi is one of the best 2-way players in the league, meaning he’s a monster both on defense and offense. If Kawhi isn’t driving for a dunk or shooting from mid-range, he’s going to have the last laugh as he can stop your best player from doing anything on offense with ease.  

Joel Embiid – Philadelphia 76ers 

The 76ers were right to trust “The Process.” In turn, they got a 7’0 ft Joel Embiid who’s been on a mission ever since making it in the NBA. He’s a clear front-runner for league MVP, averaging 29.8 points, 11.1 rebounds, and 1.5 blocks per game this season. The Philadelphia 76ers are currently 3rd in the East due to Embiid’s impressive plays both on defense and offense. 

Final Thoughts 

The King, Chef, Slim Reaper, the Joker, Greek Freak, Klaw, and The Process are more than just nicknames. Although many players didn’t make it to this list, the NBA is full of potentially talented players that can carry a team towards championship greatness. 


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