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MAC Signs Deal to Sell Data to Sports Gambling Companies

The Mid-American Conference has signed a statistical data partnership and sponsorship agreement with Genius Sports, giving the company the right to manage and market the stats for all sports in the conference for the life of the five-year agreement.

All 12 teams in the MAC reside in states that have legalized sports betting, which according to ESPN’s Heather Dinich, is the only FBS league that can claim that status. However, MAC commissioner Jon Steinbrecher claims that the partnership wasn’t made to promote gambling.

“We’re doing this to control our data, which ends up in the public domain anyway,” Steinbrecher told ESPN. “We want to manage that asset. We want that asset to provide value back to our institutions so that we can support our student-athletes, plain and simple.

“We are of the opinion that the deal we’re entering into is consistent with NCAA rules and regulations.”

This deal could be the first of many to come and could start a wave of companies vying for the rights to statistical data in college athletics.


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