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NaLyssa Smith’s Father Hits Halfcourt Shot for $6,600 in Phillips 66 Gas Cards

NCAA Basketball: Big 12 Championship-Iowa State vs West Virginia

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — After Baylor’s 91-76 win over Oklahoma in the Big 12 semifinals, forward NaLyssa Smith and coach Nicki Collen had a rather hilarious exchange over a halfcourt shot and gas cards.

Smith had a career-high 37 points in the game and afterward she brought her father, mother and brother with her as she spoke to ESPN.

Smith and the Bears will play in the Big 12 Championship game at 1 p.m. on Sunday.


There was a good reason the Smith family joined her for the interview. Her father, Rodney Smith, had hit a halfcourt shot during halftime as part of an in-game promotion. The prize was $6,600 worth of Phillips 66 gas cards. Phillips 66 is the presenting sponsor of the Big 12 Basketball Tournament.

That led to a rather hilarious exchange between Smith and Collen as the latter didn’t appear to know that when a reporter asked her about it.

“Wow,” Collen said.

“You didn’t know that?” Smith asked her.

“No,” Collen said.

Of course, Smith wasn’t totally clear on the monetary value of the prize.

“Yeah. They came and showed me the video of them hitting the shot at half-court, and I think my brother hit a shot, too,” Smith said. “They won like $600, right?”


The moderator of the interview then corrected Smith with the value of the prize.

“In gas or money?” Smith asked.

“Give me a $6,000 gas card,” Collen said.

“Hopefully I get a cut,” Smith said.

This wasn’t the first time that Rodney Smith has hit a halfcourt shot, she said. But it might have been the first time that a monetary value was attached to it.

“Yeah. I mean, we used to go to the park, you know, go to the gym, so, you know, you’re playin’ Horse, you see them make crazy shots,” Smith said. “I know this is the moment of his life. I just know.”

“It’s a big day for the Smith family,” Collen said.

And then Caitlin Bickle, who had 21 points and was at the podium with the two, wrapped things up.

“He’s going to be talking about that for weeks,” Bickle said.

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