Mike Boynton Emerges as Candidate for South Carolina: Report

NCAA Basketball: Oklahoma State at Texas

South Carolina is on the prowl for a head basketball coach after firing Frank Martin after 10 seasons.

Martin was on the hot seat for the past two seasons after missing the NCAA tournament every year since his team’s magical run in 2017 when the seven-seeded Gamecocks made it to the Final Four.

Since then, Martin’s squad was 75-72 (.510) and just wasn’t able to recreate the magic that gave them a deep tournament run.

Now, the Gamecocks will look for someone who can and Oklahoma State’s Mike Boynton is reportedly on the list, according to Seth Davis of The Athletic.


Here is Davis’ rationale for Boynton to be the next guy at South Carolina:

“There are three reasons to believe Boynton will be a strong candidate. First and foremost, he played at South Carolina from 2000-04. Second, he has done solid work at Oklahoma State, including last season when he had the nation’s No. 1 recruit, Cade Cunningham, and made the NCAA Tournament. And third, he makes a little over $2 million a year — not chump change, but at the low end of the power-conference market. Oklahoma State is well known for not wanting to pay its basketball coaches too much. That’s why Brad Underwood left for Illinois after just one year. If South Carolina offers a significant increase, it’s hard to imagine Boynton turning that down from his alma mater.”

Davis went on to end his article saying that his money is on Boyton to land the job, over other candidates such as Sean Miller (Former Arizona Head Coach), Lamont Paris (Chattanooga Head Coach), and Matt McMahon (Murray State Head Coach).

“The smart money is on Boynton. You can’t go home again … unless you’re being extremely well-paid. There aren’t many situations where Boynton would have a chance to leave Oklahoma State or even want to, but this is one such situation. The main sticking point would be Boynton’s buyout, which is considerable thanks to a seven-year contract extension he signed last year.


“If South Carolina can’t or won’t hire Boyton, then Miller becomes a very strong possibility. The interest in him is real from some influential folks around this program, who are willing to take the short-term hit of a multi-game suspension to have a high-caliber coach who otherwise wouldn’t be available to a school like South Carolina. Miller has made no secret that he is anxious to get back into coaching. It’s just a question of who is willing to make that call — and when.”

If Davis is right, and Boynton is the top candidate for South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner, there will be a hefty price tag to get Boynton out of Stillwater.

Will the Gamecocks pull the trigger and offer Boynton the job? It’s anybody’s guess right now, but it is hard for me to imagine Boynton leaving, even if it is to go home.

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