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Baker Mayfield Appears to Pen ‘Goodbye’ Letter to Cleveland

NFL: Cleveland Browns-Press Conference

Baker Mayfield was drafted with the No. 1 overall pick in the 2018 NFL Draft by the Cleveland Browns. In 2017, the Browns went 0-16, something that only the 2008 Lions had done before them.

Since drafting Mayfield, the Browns have a combined record of 32-32-1 and won their first playoff game since 1995.

Yesterday, reports surfaced that the Browns are planning on bringing in Deshaun Watson to discuss terms for his services, which appears to be a sign that Cleveland is moving on from Mayfield.


If that isn’t enough evidence to support the idea that Baker won’t be a Brown in 2022, maybe his letter to the city of Cleveland will.

That certainly doesn’t sound like someone who is confident that he will be sticking around for much longer. While the rumors surrounding Deshaun Watson to Cleveland might never come to fruition, there are multiple reporters who think that Mayfield is gone, regardless of what happens with Watson.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio seems to think that the Browns aren’t ready to make the financial commitment that Mayfield wants, and that might be true.

Jake Trotter, the Cleveland Browns insider for ESPN, seems to think that it’s all but done at this point between Mayfield and Cleveland, saying so cryptically amidst Mayfield’s public address being released.

All I know is, there are a lot of Cleveland Browns’ jerseys with “6” on the front and back around Oklahoma, and I’m not sure how much longer those will be a thing. Mayfield’s Heisman statue at Oklahoma is set to be unveiled at the Sooners spring game on April 23rd. I would bet that there will be fans wearing replica Mayfield NFL jerseys there, but they won’t all be Brown and Orange.


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