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Deshaun Watson Gets 5-Year, $230M Guaranteed Contract with Browns; Baker Mayfield to be Traded

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I think I speak for all of us when I say, “what the hell is going on in Cleveland?”

Just yesterday, Adam Schefter reported that the Browns were told they were out of the running for Deshaun Watson. It was a hysterical turn of events that looked like it would leave the Browns without Watson, or Baker Mayfield for that matter.

Cleveland was reported to have spoken with Watson earlier this week about making him the face of their franchise and tossing Baker Mayfield out in the street.


Well, Mayfield wasn’t too happy about that and sent out a “goodbye letter” to the people of Cleveland before requesting a trade on Thursday; a trade that the Browns said wasn’t going to happen.

Well, things have changed, and in a big way.

Cleveland is, in fact, in the running for Deshaun Watson and actually landed the Texans quarterback in a shocking trade. More shocking is the details of Watson’s new deal with the Browns: five years, $230 million, and every single penny of it is guaranteed. Every penny.

Now, it appears the Browns will be accommodating Mayfield’s request and dealing him to another team. Mayfield has been vocal about wanting to end up in Indianapolis, but Seattle is said to be a player as well.

Wherever he lands, it won’t be Cleveland and that’s good for everyone involved.

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