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Mike Gundy: College Football Could Create One 30-Team Superconference

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College football is in a peculiar position after the first major realignment since the early 2010s, leaving us to wonder what things will look like in a few years.

With Oklahoma and Texas set to leave in 2025 at the latest, one has to wonder what will happen when College Football Playoff expansion and conference realignment are tabled again.


Danny Kanell, co-host of Dusty and Danny, a SiriusXM college football show, shared an excerpt of an interview with Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy. Gundy suggests that college football could be heading towards a 30-team Superconference in the near future. Take a listen.

“I think there could potentially be a cutoff where football tries to branch off and take the top 30 teams in the country is somebody’s opinion. That somebody would be television,” Gundy said. “Because they’re funding everybody’s athletic department through television money. So, if you get to that point and you want to make that cut to the top 30, I personally don’t think that’s good for college football, but I don’t make those decisions.”

If Gundy’s prediction is right, things will look much different in 2024-25. Personally, I hope it never comes to that. Superconferences will be the death of college football and the birth of minor league football. No, thank you.


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