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Texas QB Hudson Card Explains Why He Has Avoided the Transfer Portal

In today’s time, when your team adds a five-star quarterback from the transfer portal, the existing quarterbacks are likely to look at their options, including the transfer portal.

The starter for most of last season at Texas, Casey Thompson, decided to exercise his option of entering the transfer portal and now he is the projected starter at Nebraska in 2022. Nobody can blame Thompson, it was a smart move for him and his playing career, but that is just the world of college football that is all but centered around the transfer portal.

Hudson Card, the starter for the 2021 season opener, has decided to stick around and fight for the job though, regardless of what happens.


“I mean, this is where I’ve always wanted to play,” Card said during media availability. “It’s been my dream school. And there will be competition everywhere. So just excited to give it my best shot. And a lot of it, too, is faith and that sort of thing. So it’s just where I want to be at this moment. So try to take advantage of it.”

It wouldn’t have mattered if Peyton Manning (or his nephew?) himself transferred to Texas, Card is focused on the road ahead of him as a Longhorn quarterback.

“Honestly, like I said, I try to focus on myself and I try not to listen to all the outside noise and the media and that sort of thing and just really talk to the people closest to me in my circle and just do what’s best for me,” Card said. “Like I said, just trusting God and His faith and just showing me where He wants me to be. And I felt like this, this is where He wants me to be at this time.”

Card is battling one of the highest-rated quarterbacks in 247Sports history, and with one week left of spring practices, he is focused on his own play and using his experience in Sarkisian’s offense to his advantage.


“At the end of the day, I just have to focus on myself. I can’t focus on the outside world and can’t get caught up in all that or you won’t make anything out of yourself.

Everyone has different tangibles to bring,” Card said. “Obviously, for me, I have a little bit of experience and I’m just going to try and use that to my advantage and, like I said, just learn from last year and what I’ve been through and just try to improve from last year to this year.”

With one scrimmage under their belt, Steve Sarkisian is pleased with the way his quarterbacks are performing.

“I think when we went back and looked at the tape of them, I think they saw some other opportunities that maybe were there, but for our first scrimmage, I was very pleased with the way that they played,” Sarkisian said.

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