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Big 12 Baseball Power Rankings: TCU Stays on Top

Baseball is in full swing as conference play has arrived. Each week I will release my Big 12 baseball power rankings and here are this week’s rankings.

1. TCU 27-16 (12-6) (LAST WEEK: 1)

Despite losing both of their games against Florida State last weekend, TCU still has the second-best record in Big 12 play. While those losses aren’t good, they didn’t exactly hurt the Frogs since they were out of conference games. TCU stills has series wins over Texas Tech and Oklahoma State which could be a big advantage down the road.

2. Oklahoma State 31-13 (13-5) (Last Week: 2)

One could argue that the Cowboys should take the top spot here but since TCU has the head-to-head win, I gave the Frogs the advantage. With that said, Oklahoma State crushed the Texas Longhorns last weekend as they finished off a clean sweep. What I thought was going to be a close series ended up being an easy weekend for Oklahoma State. Without a doubt, they are a top-two team in the Big 12 right now and a top-five team in the country.


3. Texas Tech 33-16 (11-7) (Last Week: 3)

Don’t fall asleep on this team because they are still right in the mix for a Big 12 title. Texas Tech was able to take two out of three against Baylor in Waco as they look to finish the final month of the regular season strong. They have a huge weekend ahead where they will take on Oklahoma State and have a chance to get to the top of the conference standings.

4. West Virginia 26-16 (9-6) (Last Week: 5)

While they have the same conference record as Oklahoma, West Virginia has beaten better teams. They have series wins over TCU, Baylor, and Kansas while the Sooners have yet to get a series win over a top five team in the conference. The Mountaineers have a chance to get another big series win this weekend at home against a struggling Texas team. If West Virginia can take two out of three, I really am starting to like this team’s chances to make the postseason.

5. Oklahoma 27-16 (9-6) (Last Week: 6)

I have really enjoyed watching this team over the last few weeks. They have been hitting the ball extremely well as their offense has found their rhythm at the plate. While they have managed to get into the top five of the conference, they still have a tough schedule ahead with matchups against TCU, West Virginia, and Texas Tech.


6. Texas 32-16 (9-9) (Last Week: 4)

This team has completely fallen off the wagon. They were supposed to be the cream of the crop of the Big 12 and after their first 18 conference games, they have a .500 record. The Longhorns got rocked against Oklahoma State and have another big matchup ahead against West Virginia.

7. Kansas State 23-21 (4-11) (Last Week: 7)

I thought this team would have had some strong momentum after taking a series against Texas, but they have just been so inconsistent this year. At times they look like they can compete with almost anyone and at others they look completely out of it.

8. Baylor 23-22 (5-13) (Last Week: 8)

For those who have followed this list over the last few weeks know that I have not been very high on this team. Ever since the tournament in Houston back in early March, they haven’t looked like a very good team at all. Unless they win the conference tournament, this team will be home when the postseason rolls around.

9. Kansas 18-27 (3-12) (Last Week: 9)

Much like Baylor, this team hasn’t been very competitive at all this season. Unless they can somehow miraculously win the conference tourney, they are going to wrap up their season soon.

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