Which Big 12 Teams Have the Best Championship Odds for the 2022-23 CFB Season?

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The first Week Zero games of the 153rd college football season in the U.S. will take place in August 2022, so we are still months away from any action. However, teams and bettors are both gearing up for the new season and can’t wait to see who will have enough gas in the tank to stand up to Georgia.  

Let’s take a closer look at the odds of winning the upcoming CFB season for the teams from the Big 12 Conference and how they stack up against other teams in the league.  

Oklahoma CFB National Championship Odds (+4000)  

The Oklahoma Sooners are among the top 10 teams favored to win the National Championship next year. Although they are ranked at number 10 in the entire league at +4000 odds according to FanDuel, they are the team with the best odds to win it all among the Big 12 Conference teams.  

After the departure of Lincoln Riley, Brent Venables took the helm, so it will be interesting to see how the team will adapt for the next season. After Caleb Williams followed Riley to Southern California and Spencer Rattler transferred to South Carolina, Dillon Gabriel is in line to start this year. His performance will be a big factor in whether the Sooners can win the National Championship. 

Texas CFB National Championship Odds (+10000) 

The Texas Longhorns are at the heels of the Oklahoma Sooners when it comes to the odds of winning the National Championship. Their odds currently stand at +10000. The team finished the last season in 7th place in the Big 12. Recruits such as receiver Ryan Niblett and running back Tre Wisner pledged to join the Longhorns and give the team the necessary boost.  

Oklahoma State CFB National Championship Odds (+10000) 

The Oklahoma State Cowboys were last year’s winners of the Big 12 Conference with an 8 – 1 record. Even though they lost the Big 12 Championship Game to Baylor, which knocked them out of playoff contention, the Cowboys showed why they were the regular season leaders.  

The team’s odds of winning the National Championship stand at +10000, and with six new players committed to joining the team, such as Nebraska quarterback Zane Flores, they might make a push. 

Baylor CFB National Championship Odds (+15000) 

When you look at the odds given by FanDuel, it doesn’t seem that the Baylor Bears stand much of a chance of winning the championship this year. However, the team finished second in the Big 12 Conference last season, and with new quarterback Blake Shapen leading the charge, they might be able to pull an upset. 

Iowa State CFB National Championship Odds (+25000) 

The Iowa State Cyclones last won a conference championship over a century ago and have never won a national championship. Looking at the +25000 odds, it seems unlikely that this will change. Still, the team got a fourth-place finish last year in the Big 12, with a 7 – 6 record, so they certainly have it in them to change for the better.  

TCU CFB National Championship Odds (+25000) 

The TCU Horned Frogs finished 8th in the conference last year. Judging by the +25000 at FanDuel, the chances of the team winning the National Championship is a long shot. However, senior Quarterback, Max Duggan, has flashed in the past and will do this best to bring the Horned Frogs a championship. 

West Virginia CFB National Championship Odds (+25000) 

The West Virginia Mountaineers are still looking for their first appearance in the Big 12 Championship game. That doesn’t seem likely with their 4 – 5 record from last year. Their chances of winning the National Championship next year are reflected in the odds of +25000 on FanDuel. With the addition of JT Daniels as the team’s leading quarterback, West Virginia’s offense seems much better equipped than last year.  

Kansas State CFB National Championship Odds (+30000) 

The Kansas State Wildcats finished last season in the middle of the Big 12 Conference, with a 4 – 5 record. They went through a rebuilding process, and the program seems to be coming to its own with Bill Snyder in the coaching position. The team’s odds of winning the whole thing next year are +30000, so they’ll need all the help they can get to make a more considerable push.  

Texas Tech CFB National Championship Odds (+50000) 

The Texas Tech Red Raiders finished 9th in last year’s Big 12 Conference, and their odds for improving this year’s placement in the National Championship are slim to none, standing at +50000. However, they landed two new commitments from big-time prospects Jayden Cofield and Dylan Shaw, who Joey McGuire believes can improve the defensive line with their size.  

Kansas CFB National Championship Odds (+100000) 

The Kansas Jayhawks were the last year’s worst team in the Big 12 Conference, only managing to win one game. According to FanDuel, their odds of winning the championship this year are +100000, so it would take a miracle for them to challenge for the title.  

What to Keep in Mind With CFB Betting? 

When betting on CFB, be sure to shop for the best lines and odds to give yourself the best chance at winning. Compare the odds for the top fixtures on all the leading sites to see which ones give you the most for your money. Great college football betting sites are certainly not lacking, so take advantage of them and find the best price.  

Also, don’t just bet on your favorite team. It’s easy to get overly optimistic and bet with your heart instead of your head when it comes to your team. Instead, try analyzing historical data, recent team performance, and matchups to figure out if betting on your team makes sense. 

Looking at the Big 12 Conference teams, none stand a great chance of winning the National Championship this year. Luckily, you can bet on teams to win the Big 12 Championship instead—a much more reasonable (and likely) bet to win. 

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