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Keyshawn Johnson Believes Urban Meyer Could End Up at Texas

The offseason hype around Texas has many people believing that this could be the year that the Longhorns make their return to prominence. Sound familiar?

To play the devil’s advocate, let’s just say that it doesn’t happen in 2022 and the Longhorns turn in another 8-5 season. Then, Steve Sarkisian gets the boot just one year after he was said to have the full support of the state of Texas. Then what?

Well, according to ESPN’s Keyshawn Johnson, UT will be coached by none other than Urban Meyer, the former Buckeyes head coach and more recently the head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars.


During a discussion with Paul Finebaum, Johnson responded to a question asking where Meyer’s next coaching tenure might be, saying, “[The] University of Texas! Steve Sarkisian is not having any sort of run at Texas right now. Two years from now – a year from now – Texas has tried to go after Urban Meyer twice I believe already.

In his time with Jacksonville, Meyer went 2-11 and was fired on December 16, 2021, after a couple of incidents that further tainted the coach’s already stained reputation.

It’s safe to say that Meyer has shown that he can take teams to the top, but will he take the reigns at a program like Texas after what happened with Zach Smith at Ohio State and with his short stay in Jacksonville. Who knows, but for now it’s Sark’s ship to run.

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