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Oklahoma State Football: 2022 Depth Chart Projections

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We are now officially in the worst stretch of the college football offseason with summer underway and spring ball complete. Now, just three months of arguing aimlessly over Heisman odds and way-too-early top-25 polls.

The football content this time of year is slim pickings, that’s why I took it upon myself to predict Oklahoma State’s entire depth chart in an attempt to satisfy my college football cravings.

These predictions are based on the various rotations I saw in the Cowboys’ spring finale, plus an extensive knowledge of how Mike Gundy normally sets his teams up. I tried to include every player on the Pokes’ current roster, as well as all of the late arrivals that will be in Stillwater anywhere from now until August (these players are denoted by a ‘00’ in front of their name, as we don’t know their jersey numbers yet). 


Please note that these are the depth chart positions I believe we will see week one. Of course the actual depth chart will end up looking vastly different later in the year than what we see to start the season.

Starting with the offense, I’m giving the backup quarterback edge to Gundy Jr. as he performed really well in the spring finale, plus he’s had a full year and two offseasons with Kasey Dunn’s offense, which is leaps and bounds more than true freshman Garrett Rangel.

Dominic Richardson is the most experienced running back on roster, so I think he will get the nod come week one. Coveted freshman Ollie Gordon comes in at third string, but with how much hype he’s getting based on practices, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes his way up the rotation by the end of the year.

The tough part of predicting the wide receivers is that I’m not 100% sure who will play the Z or X positions because some guys played both last season, like Rashod Owens. However, I do have pretty high confidence in my three-deep at all three receiver spots. While I would prefer Braydon Johnson to move to the slot, I have a feeling that he will come back off his injury and retake his X role.


Offensive line was even more difficult to compile. I mostly went off of this tweet put out by the guys over at the Feels Like 45 Podcast:

Oklahoma State hasn’t had a set offensive line unit in seemingly forever, but hopefully with a little more depth in the form of transfer can solidify that group in 2022.


FirstSecondThird Fourth Fifth
Quarterback3 Spencer Sanders12 Gunnar Gundy13 Garrett Rangel
Running Back20 Dominic Richardson23 Jaden Nixon0 Ollie Gordon24 CJ Brown or 00 Deondre Jackson25 Andre Washington or 5 Zach Middleton or 26 Asa Osbourn
Cowboy Back90 Braden Cassity or 28 Blaine Green82 Quinton Stewart11 Tabry Shettron47 Luke McEndoo 
Z-Receiver85 Jaden Bray19 Bryson Green2 Talyn Shettron 00 Stephon Johnson or 00 Mason Gilkey84 Xavier Dandridge
X-Receiver8 Braydon Johnson10 Rashod Owens88 Langston Anderson37 Cale Cabbiness or 36 Vance Hooper39 Peyton Kramer or 86 Rashad Dixon
Slot-Receiver80 Brennan Presley17 John Paul Richardson00 Braylin Presley81 CJ Tate or 32 Clayton Barbour15 Rylan McQuarters
Left Tackle76 Caleb Etienne77 Tyrone Webber00 Casey Collier00 Austin Kawecki
Left Guard67 Cole Birmingham54 Silas Barr73 Darian Jones
Center74 Preston Wilson66 Joe Michalski56 Jake Henry
Right Guard70 Hunter Woodard68 Taylor Miterko65 Hilton Marsh00 Jason Brooks
Right Tackle61 Jake Springfield75 Eli Russ79 Logan Nobles00 Calvin Harvey or 00 Davis Dotson

New defensive coordinator Derek Mason’s squad will look a little different compared to last year’s historic unit. 

OSU loses both of their two leading tacklers to the pros as new faces look to replace them. I have Mason Cobb and Xavier Benson taking over the linebacker spots, with Lamont Bishop, NIck Martin and Na’Drian Dizadare rotating in.

I’m fairly confident that Kendal Daniels finds himself as the day one starter at safety alongside Jason Taylor II and Thomas Harper. The safety group is one of the deepest on the team, with a plethora of guys all the way down the depth chart that I think could fill in if needed.


The two starters at corner were a gimme, but I referred back to the spring game in regard to the backup roles. Demarco Jones and De’Kelvion Beamon seemed to play the most behind the two starters, and Dylahn McKinney had a surprisingly high number of significant snaps for a true freshman. I will say, keep an eye out for Cameron Epps come this fall. He is another true freshman that lit up his high school competition, but we have not seen him in action at the college level yet as he will be a summer arrival. 

Perhaps the most loaded position group on the entire team, the defensive line unit was a challenge to pin down on a depth chart, as they rotated in and out so frequently last season and so many guys proved they could be starters. Collin Oliver is the obvious pick at the edge rusher spot, but with Trace Ford coming back from season-ending knee surgery, it will be hard to keep him off the field.

The same goes for the opposite defensive end spot, with both Brock Martin and Tyler Lacy sure to fight for primetime snaps. 

As for defensive tackle, it’s a pretty safe bet that Brenden Evers and Sione Asi will be the week one starters, but one dark horse to look out for is Collin Clay, a redshirt junior who has yet to play a single snap for OSU since transferring from Arkansas in 2020.


Cornerback7 Jabbar Muhammad22 Demarco Jones27 Raymond Gay or 8 Dylahn McKinney10 Kale Smith00 Cameron Epps
Safety5 Kendal Daniels18 Sean Michael Flanagan17 Lyrik Rawls33 David Johnson
Safety25 Jason Taylor II39 Trey Rucker14 Nick Session35 Parker Robertson or 49 Dylan Davis
Safety13 Thomas Harper12 Kanion Williams15 Ty Williams38 Carter Barnard
Cornerback2 Korie Black24 De’Kelvion Beamon26 Jordan Reagan or 3 Cam Smith20 DeSean Buckner29 Cole Stanley
Linebacker0 Mason Cobb11 Lamont Bishop40 Donovan Stephens83 Gordie Geymuller or 51 Bo Hardy53 Tyler Berryhill
Linebacker1 Xavier Benson46 Nick Martin or 36 Na’Drian Dizadare45 Jeff Roberson41 Constantino Borrelli or 48 Elijah Wright32 Gabe Brown
Edge 30 Collin Oliver or 94 Trace Ford91 Tyren Irby or 92 Nathan Latu37 Isreal Isuman-Hundley00 DeSean Brown
Defensive Tackle98 Brenden Evers35 Samuela Tuihalamaka or 56 Xavier Ross71 Aden Kelley54 Marcus Duckworth58 Holden Martinson
Defensive Tackle99 Sione Asi93 Collin Clay50 Solomon Wright or 00 Seleti Fevaleaki70 Jed Wagner
Defensive End9 Brock Martin or 89 Tyler Lacy96 Kody Walterscheid52 Ben Kopenski or 77 Landon Dean81 Dillon Metcalf or 57 Ryan Baker or 00 Jaleel Johnson59 Martin Sheared

Finally, the group that takes the least amount of speculation as OSU returns every starting and backup guy at each spot. Surprisingly, Tom Hutton is currently the only punter on the roster, but I’m sure coach Gundy will pick up a walk-on later this summer.

As for the kick and punt returners, I’d say Brennan Presley secured his spot on both after the electric 100-yard kick return in Bedlam. Braydon Johnson acted as his cohort before his injury, and I think he fits right back into the spot given his speed. 

I have to believe the newest incoming Presley brother makes his way onto special teams eventually. Braylin Presley is just too electric to keep the ball out of his hands, which he showed during his time at Bixby.

Special Teams

Kicker49 Tanner Brown19 Alex Hale59 Gabriel Reed69 Logan Ward or 79 Campbell Ambrose
Punter29 Tom Hutton
Long Snapper53 Matt Hembrough63 Zeke Zaragoza57 Cade Davis
Kick Return80 Brennan Presley8 Braydon Johnson00 Braylin Presley2 Talyn Shettron5 Zach Middleton
Punt Return80 Brennan Presley17 John Paul Richardson00 Braylin Presley23 Jaden Nixon5 Zach Middleton
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