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2022 Big 12 Football Win Totals Announced

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With the college football season less than 100 days away, sportsbooks are starting to open up betting on game lines, future bets for the national champion and Heisman Trophy, and most recently, win totals for the Power Five schools.

Win totals are the estimated sum of wins that a team will have at the end of the regular season, with the ability to bet over or under the listed number. All ten schools from the Big 12 had their win totals released today on with some of them are raising eyebrows.


Four teams are listed at the top of the conference with an O/U of 8.5 games: Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas. Those four, in the public eye, are the top four schools in the Big 12 race when the 2022 season begins.

Next on the list is a group of three schools listed at 6.5 games: Iowa State, K -State, and TCU. The next two programs listed are Texas Tech and West Virginia, each at 5.5 games, and Kansas is bringing up the rear at 2.5 games.

Here are the win totals and the over under bets associated with each, courtesy of

TeamWin TotalOverUnder
Baylor8.5 Wins-150+120
Iowa State6.5 Wins-135+105
Kansas2.5 Wins-130+100
Kansas State6.5 Wins-115-115
Oklahoma8.5 Wins-160+130
Oklahoma State8.5 Wins-155+125
TCU6.5 Wins-175+145
Texas Tech5.5 Wins-120-110
West Virginia5.5 Wins-125-105

From the information given, I would say that Vegas doesn’t quite know what to think about the Big 12 this upcoming season. The log jam at 8.5 games and 6.5 games tells me that they see tiers, but aren’t ready to commit to a favorite just yet, which is understandable, considering it is May 23.

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