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Texas Softball Team Receives Zero WCWS Gear, Chris Del Conte Wants Answers

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As the Texas Longhorns get set for a trip to the Women’s College World Series in Oklahoma City this week, they’ll do it with a chip on their shoulder.

That’s because the Longhorns were the only team who apparently didn’t have any WCWS gear from the NCAA after their Super Regional win over Arkansas.

It started after their Saturday win over Arkansas when Mary Iakopo tweeted out the following:


This was followed by pictures of other Super Regional winners with their hat and gear.

And here is the picture following Texas’ win, where you can clearly see there was no UT victory gear.


Athletic director Chris Del Conte felt it his role to chime in on this and said he would be reaching out to NCAA Softball to see what exactly happened.

Yes, Texas lost the first game to Arkansas and was the underdog before coming back to win the series, but this is pretty inexcusable for whoever was in charge of this for NCAA Softball.

I can’t help but keep thinking about whoever royally screwed this up and using the line from Ocean’s Eleven, “You had one job!”

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