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Five Matchups We Need Before Oklahoma, Texas Leave New Big 12

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Around this time next year, we will be talking about the four new schools coming to the Big 12. News broke last week that BYU, Houston, UCF, and Cincinnati will be joining the conference in the summer of 2023.

While Texas and Oklahoma are off to the SEC, they still remain in the Big 12 and are scheduled to be in the conference until 2025. Of course, that could change but as of now are a looking at a potential 14 team conference until they leave. Before they go, I wanted to share my top five potential matchups between the four new school and the two that are leaving.


Before I get started, I do want to mention that if I had my way with this schedule, I would have Texas and Oklahoma be the road team in all of these games.

1. Texas at Houston

As crazy it sounds, these two schools haven’t played since 2002 yet they are only 165 miles apart. In years past, Texas hasn’t really wanted this matchup to happen simply because the Longhorns have nothing to gain from it. Houston is the school that needs this matchup more and beating Texas would be so awesome for Cougar fans. It would help them in recruiting and would be huge bragging rights to beat Texas on their way out the door. Also, I would not put this game in NRG Stadium. Put it on Houston’s campus and pack TDECU Stadium.

2. Oklahoma at BYU

Out of all the matchups on this list, this would probably be my top one when it comes to performance on the field. Both schools have a ton of rich football history and great fan bases. BYU hasn’t been in a conference since the 2010 season and just one year before that, they actually beat Oklahoma up in Dallas. That was the game where Sam Bradford got hurt and Landry Jones had to step in. I doubt many people remember that game, but it would be fun to see these schools meet up again. Anytime two great football programs meet up, then you can count me in.


3. Texas at BYU

I am not even sure where to begin here. There isn’t a ton of history between these two iconic programs but the last time they met on the football field; it left a bad taste in the mouths of the burnt orange faithful. I can still picture Taysom Hill running all over the Longhorns whether it was in Provo or in Austin. In the last two games between Texas and BYU, the Cougars outscored the Longhorns 81-28. Texas should want this game to happen and reverse the curse of Taysom Hill. Some people say that to this day, he is still running all over the Longhorns.

4. Oklahoma at UCF

There’s not history between these two programs simply due to the fact that they have never played a football game against one another. The Sooners have played every new Big 12 school except for UCF. If I was in charge of the scheduling than I would make sure that Oklahoma gets a chance to play UCF before they head off to the SEC and I would make this matchup happen early in the season. Perhaps make this a conference opener at noon for Oklahoma that way they can get a nice taste of the Florida heat.


5. Texas at Cincinnati

This is another one of those games that doesn’t make a ton of sense, but I love it. Just like Oklahoma and UCF, these two programs have never met on the football field. Cincinnati is no Texas when it comes to past history but when it comes to recent history, the Bearcats have been the better program by far. Cincinnati has won at least ten games in a season five times since 2010. In that same time frame Texas has just one ten-win season. The Bearcats have also won three conference titles since then meanwhile Texas hasn’t won one since 2009. There is no doubt that Cincinnati has been a program on the rise while Texas has just been below average as of late. Just look at last season. Luke Fickell had his team in the College Football Playoff while Steve Sarkisian was watching the entire bowl season from home.

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