USC, UCLA Officially Joining Big Ten in 2024

It’s official: USC and UCLA will leave the Pac-12 and join the Big Ten in 2024, likely spelling the end of the Pac-12 as we know it.

The original report came from Pac-12 Hotline, who said the two Los Angeles based universities are “planning” to leave for the Big Ten as early as 2024, although the move had not been finalized.


Now, just hours after the initial report, the Big Ten has accepted them as new members of the conference, forever changing the landscape of college football.

Each school also released their own official announcements, which seems almost surreal given how quickly this entire story has unfolded.


Just a couple weeks shy of a calendar year ago, news of Oklahoma and Texas leaving the Big 12 for the SEC hit social media sending the major conferences into a flurry of panic.

Now, with two major universities on the west coast leaving their conference for a bigger cash pool in the Big Ten, its fair to expect even more talks of conferences falling, merging, or all together collapsing.

With more dominoes likely to fall, we appear to be on the precipice of perhaps the largest major shake-up to college athletics history.

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