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Watch: CBS Sports Pre-Records Conference Realignment Headlines, Just In Case

With universities across the nation preparing to move conferences in the coming years, things have seeming gotten a bit out of hand.

On Thursday, USC and UCLA became the latest schools to announce their move to another conference, chasing the ever-important dollar. Just like Oklahoma and Texas before them, this move shook the college landscape to its core and has everyone wondering what will happen next.


To make sure they are ahead of the curve on the next wave of realignment, CBS Sports pre-recorded some headlines that we might just see in the near future. Take a look, so you can be in-the-know when these moves hit the headlines.

Of course, all of the headlines are jokes, but it does go to show the era of college sports that we are entering. Gone are the days of geographical common sense and regional rivalries.

No, the future is seeing how much money the SEC and Big Ten can make when they have consecutive college football matchups in one day like USC vs. Ohio State, Oklahoma vs. Alabama, Georgia vs. Texas, Michigan vs. Oregon, and Clemson vs. Texas A&M. Oh, and all of them are conference games in Week 8.

That is where we are headed folks, whether we like it or not money runs this show and that is what everyone is chasing. So buckle up, and hope that your team ends up somewhere where they can play a couple road games a year that are less than 1,500 miles away.

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