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Colorado Administration Views the Big 12 as a ‘JUCO League’: Denver Post Columnist

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With conference realignment back in full swing, there has been plenty of speculation as to whether or not the Pac-12 could fall apart in the near future. If it does, could teams end up in the Big 12?

One team that has come up as a possible future Big 12 team is Colorado, who of course spent decades in the Big 12 (and Big 8 before that) prior to leaving for the Pac-12 in 2011.

There are plenty of reasons for Colorado to come home to the Big 12, but the biggest hang up might be the CU administration.


Denver Post columnist Sean Keeler joined SicEm365 radio and talked about how the biggest issue in Colorado returning to the Big 12 isn’t the fan base, but rather the administration.

Keeler said, “I would say the fan base would be 60-40 Big 12, and maybe even higher. They were burned. They feel duped by the Pac-12.”

Keeler went on to add, “Here’s the kicker, I think the administration is 70-30 Pac-12. They want the money, they want the comfort, they want the politics, they want the caviar, they want the prestige, air quotes. The administration at CU views the Big 12 as a JUCO league. They don’t want to be in that. And the fans absolutely do.”

Here’s the video of their conversation.


If true, then the Colorado administration is going to rue the day that they got left in the Pac-12 and left millions of dollars on the table to stay in an unstable conference due to “prestige”, or something.


Interesting, Keller goes on to note, most Colorado fans would love to go back to the Big 12, especially fans over 35-40, and continues, “But your biggest donors who are not in the greater Denver area are in California. That’s a tricky balance there and they haven’t found it.”

I believe most Big 12 fans would love to welcome Colorado back to the league and would love to get back to making road trips to Boulder. And if CU fans want back into the Big 12 to bring back some of their old foes, then the administration needs to do what is in the best financial interest of the university and interest of their fans.

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