Can Sports Betting Remain Anonymous?

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Many bettors like and want to gamble completely stealthily. This means that they won’t share personal information of any kind but they can still place bets and win. In other words, there won’t be records of a person betting on sports games. In the UK betting sites and casinos, this is almost impossible due to strict rules and regulations. But, there are betting sites such as NonGamStopSlots bookies that don’t need verification making stealth betting possible. 

Why do UK Players Want to Stay Incognito?

There are many reasons why bettors will want to gamble without any records. As a matter of fact, there are so many reasons that we cannot list half of them. However, we are able to share and reveal the most common and the most important reasons. An interesting fact is that all of the reasons for stealth or incognito betting apply to gamblers as well. Anyway, the top 2 reasons are explained below. 

Afraid That It May Be Used Against

Most bettors are afraid that their personal information will reach the hands of bad people. This happened already so it isn’t just a simple claim. What this means is that your details can reach the hands of thieves or people who will steal your identity. Money moves the world and makes it spin meaning if you have the money you can acquire the personal information of bettors. Those living in the United Kingdom are very popular at the moment. 

Just think of this. A person can acquire your name, credit card number, telephone number, address, and more. In other words, that person will have all the details he needs to steal your identity. He or she can make online purchases, order items on the web, or make a crime and accuse you. What you will do? Sadly, there is nothing you can do. You should change as many details as possible which is expensive and time-consuming or you can try and protect your data more. 

Now you know why so many bettors in the UK are afraid of sharing personal data and they do not like sharing it. Once again, this is mandatory for all UK betting sites which is a huge side effect and something that should be voluntary and not mandatory. If this is an option, bettors could enjoy more and play without any fear. 

Data Leak

In order to bet in an ordinary way, gambling companies want you to verify the account. This means sending personal information such as photos of government ID, passport, bank statements, credit card numbers, and more. Your name, email, and phone number are needed as well. A betting site will keep all of that data on the server. Now, they must not be shared with third parties. But, if the server is hacked, which can happen, you will lose all of that data. In other words, your name, email, telephone number, photo of ID, and more will be on the internet. 

It is also possible that a betting site loses that data or they will share it with other parties. This is also a dangerous matter and it is something all bettors want to avoid. The problem is simple. Some betting sites request verification. You must complete it in order to be able to bet. There is no way to bypass or avoid this process. For some users, this is a choice they must make. They will either bet after sharing tons of personal information or they will not bet at all. It isn’t right. 

Data leaks can come in many forms and it is always a bad thing. What if a betting site or casino bankrupts? Which guarantees you that they will not sell your data in order to get extra money. For one reason or another, your data may end up on the internet. Once it is there, there is no way you can remove it. 


Sharing personal information for verification at a betting site sounds great but it brings a lot of issues. UK bettors are afraid due to clear and important reasons. If you are one of those people, you can bet at sites that do not require this form of verification. They are still safe and we can even say safer. 

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