Standalone Gambling Associations: Overview

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Standalone gambling associations are precise as the name suggests. These are some of the most popular, most desirable, and most needed associations in the realm of gambling and betting. For example, the majority of standalone companies on NonGamStopBets.com cooperate with these associations as it brings lots of benefits for both sites. There are a few of these and today we are going to explain each one. Basically, these make gambling and betting safer and can even resolve an issue between a user and the operator.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service

Independent Betting Adjudication Service or IBAS is one of the most appealing options we have here. First, it is designed to help resolve issues between customers and operators. For example, when you have a problem with the operator regarding the bet, winning, or anything similar, you will contact this association. They will use professional personnel that has standards and will also check the transactions, regulations and so much more in order to resolve the issue. Yes, there is an industry-standard here as well which is used to make the right choice.

Independent Betting Adjudication Service operates under UKGC and it is a well-known provider. Like many of this kind, it is free for gamblers and bettors. But it is not free for the operator. There is a small annual fee that operators must pay in order to get their help. However, supporting this association helps make the betting or gambling site better and more appealing to the users.

European Gaming and Betting Association

European Gaming and Betting Association or as some of you know it, EGBA is located in Belgium in Brussels more precisely. The association controls and cooperates with all gambling operators that are located and that also operate in European Union. There are a lot of them as you can deduce.

This association cooperates with law enforcement and also shareholders all over Europe. The goal is to make gambling and betting safer and more worthy of people. They have been responsible for helping over 6.5 million people all over the continent. Basically, these are most of the gamblers and bettors located here. 

European Gaming and Betting Association makes online gambling and betting safer and more appealing. If an operator cooperates with EGBA, it is a sign of a reputable company that cares about its users. As the result, we can see a huge increase in popularity in the gambling realm in Europe and millions of gamblers are coming to gamble here or play at the casinos online due to the safety they like. Keep in mind that European Gaming and Betting Association is linked with The International Betting Integrity Association, something we will explain a bit better in a minute. 

It is important to add that European Gaming and Betting Association is well-known for using the latest technologies, and systems, and also the user interface is amazing. All of this is needed in order to make gambling worthy of millions of people all over Europe. Another thing we would like to add is that European Gaming and Betting Association is considered one of the most desirable associations of this kind and one of the most popular in the world. It is definitely the most special.

International Betting Integrity Association

International Betting Integrity Association is a bit special. First of all, you may have heard of it under the IBIA acronym. It is rather a common thing in the betting realm. It has been with us since 2005. But, the same association was available before under a different name, ESSA which stands for Sports Betting Integrity Association. Either way, we are looking at a powerful, sophisticated, and appealing association.

The main purpose of this association is to eliminate extortion and also corruption that may be present in the gambling industry. One of the best tools the association has developed for this purpose is called Monitoring & Alert Platform. It will detect all the reports that are linked or based on a certain brand or activity in the industry and report them to the association. The tool is complicated for the lack of a better word but it is very effective and it has been known to help a lot of oof gambling.

The purpose of all this is to make online gambling safer and make it more appealing to users from all over the world. They are also transparent in what they do and how they do it. This is mandatory if you are looking at an association of this kind and if you want to know more details and specifics about them and their operations. 

The association will investigate all the reports on a yearly basis and deal with all the issues, problems, and complications. We can add that it is one of the most important associations of this kind in the world and one that truly makes gambling and betting criminal-free.

The Final Word

As you can see these associations are of huge importance to online gambling and betting. Regardless of what they do or in what way, the goal is always the same. They are developed to make gambling just safe. They control operators, secure players from big financial losses, and make online gambling better overall. Due to the increase in popularity of this hobby, we can see a higher demand for associations like this.

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