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Watch: Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb Throws ‘Horns Down’ From Training Camp

Some things just never leave a person once they’ve learned it. Riding a bike, casting a fishing rod, and apparently throwing the horns down when you hear somebody scream “Boomer.”

When making his entrance onto the field for Cowboys’ training camp, former Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb heard something that took him right back to his college days.


Check it out.

While this certainly makes Oklahoma fans smile, there are a lot of people in the Lone Star state that ride or die with the Longhorns and the Cowboys, so this has to put a bad taste in their mouth. Nonetheless, Lamb has a promising NFL career ahead of him if the last two years are any indication.

In his first two seasons, Lamb has recorded 153 receptions for 2,037 yards and 11 touchdowns, adding 158 yards rushing and one score on the ground. Last year, after 79 receptions for 1,102 yard and six scores, Lamb was selected to the Pro Bowl, his first major award in the NFL.

With Amari Cooper out of Dallas, Lamb figures to be Dallas’s unquestioned WR1 in 2022 and will certainly get the chance to lock up a major extension with the Cowboys if he can produce like they expect him to.

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