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Big 12 Presidents Allegedly Messaging Pac-12 Presidents About Joining Their Conference

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Pac-12 Media Day turned into a bash-the-Big-12 fest on Friday, with commissioner George Kliavkoff leading the way.

Kliavkoff took multiple shots at the Big 12 Conference, instead of the actual league, the Big Ten, that threw his conference into chaos when they took USC and UCLA out of the Pac-12.

Kliavkoff was all over the map in targeting the Big 12, saying his conference wasn’t sure if they would be the ones to “go shopping” for Big 12 teams.


Kliavkoff didn’t stop there though, as he had much more to say about the Big 12 later in his time at the podium. In fact, he went on to claim that the Big 12 was “lobbing grenades” at his conference in an attempt to destabilize it.

“I’ve been spending four weeks trying to defend against grenades being lobbed by the Big-12 trying to destabilize our conference,” Kliavkoff said. “I get why they’re trying to destabilize us.”

Those comments all came before Noon CST. Then, later in the day he also alleged to 247Sports that Big 12 Presidents were reaching out to Pac-12 Presidents, as recently as yesterday, and he had the receipts to prove it.


It seems someone needs to catch George Kliavkoff up on the dog-eat-dog world that is big-time college athletics in the 21st century.

None of us have to necessarily like it. But if there is a conference who understands that if you aren’t the hunter you are the hunted, it’s anyone who has been in and around the Big 12 Conference for longer than five minutes.

Kliavkoff has some right to be upset with the Big 12, but when it comes to the list of folks he should be bothered by, the Big 12 should be much farther down his list than it appears to be.

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