Propaganda Surrounding Big 12-Pac-12 Arms Race Continues

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Big 12 Commissioner Brett Yormark is just a few days on the job and the Big 12 is already throwing haymakers against the Pac-12 media.

After weeks of back and fourth Twitter wars between Pac-12 media and Big 12 fans, the Big 12 Conference finally stepped in from their own Twitter account. But before we get to that nonsense, there was plenty of other action on Twitter from the crybabies out west.

For whatever reason, on Wednesday August 3rd, writers from the Pac -12 decided to take a few shots at the Big 12 Conference. Of course, that is nothing new as most of them have been spewing out garbage over the last several weeks, but they tried once again.


It all started Oregon columnist John Canzano wrote an article on Wednesday morning talking about how the Big 12 is not a threat to the Pac-12 and how one Pac-12 athletic director called the Big 12 threat “laughable”. His column also said that “The Pac-12 mostly laughed off the Big 12 threat last Friday at media day.”

I wonder if this AD saw Pac-12 media days? First of all, it was one day event so that in itself is a joke. Secondly, did you see Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff speak? The man couldn’t keep the Big 12 out of his mouth as he mentioned the conference by name about six times. Do you know how many times Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark mentioned the Pac-12 during his press conference? That’s right, zero.

Believe it or not, the article actually gets worse when Kliavkoff has a few words. He told Canzano that he was frustrated with the Big 12’s tactics.


“It’s incredibly destructive, but that’s why they do it,” he said. “When I was in journalism school, we were taught you had to source things from two reliable sources, and you can’t run with it until. Now, we’ve got folks in the national media reporting stuff that is on burner Twitter accounts. It’s unfortunate. It’s the world we live in. I don’t have thin skin. I’m OK with this stuff, but it does destabilize people.”

Last time I checked the only people in the national media that is pushing fake narratives are the folks in the Pac-12. People like Jon Wilner, Stewart Mandel, and the guy who wrote this are the top three people trying to make the Pac-12 look superior when it’s truly falling apart. And how about your tactics George? Remember Stewart Mandel’s article about tv numbers that had zero context? The Pac-12 is the conference with the reports trying to put lipstick on a pig.

The only person that needs to get a grip is the Pac-12 commissioner. He’s been living in a fantasy world ever since his top two schools left him. I guess that alliance with the Big Ten didn’t work out.


Then for some odd reason, Jon Wilner thought he had a wonderful stat here talking about attendance. Jon tried to dunk on the Big 12 here and got rejected badly. However, it wasn’t me or any person playing the role of Dikembe Mutombo here. It was the Big 12 Conference.

Maybe it is a good thing he left off USC and UCLA because have you seen those stadiums last year during the season?

Then you have this guy.

Like Stewart Mandel said, it gets hot on the west coast and there’s a beach nearby. No wonder nobody shows up to Pac-12 games.

I guess Tyson’s point here is that Big 12 fans only go to games because there’s nothing else to do. That’s odd from a guy from Alaska and who went to school in Montana. Speaking of Alaska and Montana, maybe the Pac-12 can grab some schools from there. Then again, nobody cares about football out on the West Coast. Laughing at fans for being passionate is ironic coming from sportswriter. I thought the whole reason we cover college football was to create passion and excitement?

What a crazy Wednesday. Just when you think the trash talk is dying down, it ramps right back up. Sometimes I wonder if there is something in the drinking water on the west coast. The media members out there are losing their minds and the garbage just continues to make its way to Big 12 country. Last week I needed a trash can to put all of this in and this week I may need to rent a dumpster. The good news is that it appears Brett Yormark isn’t afraid to take shots and take out the trash either.

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