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Big Ten Signs Historic Media Rights Deal Worth $7-$8 Billion Over Seven Years

The Big Ten Conference has officially landed the lucrative media rights deal that has been rumored for months now as the conference has signed a deal with FOX, CBS, NBC, Peacock, and FS1 that will span seven years and be worth $7 billion and $8 billion dollars, according to Brett McMurphy of Action Sports.

Interestingly, the contract includes an escalator clause that could increase the worth of the deal to nearly $10 billion if the Big Ten was to increase its membership, sources told McMurphy. That is a dolled-up way of saying that the Big Ten most likely isn’t done expanding.


It is common knowledge that Kevin Warren wants to add Notre Dame, and would add Stanford, Oregon, Washington and Cal as well if that domino were to fall. However, in McMurphy’s report, he claims that sources are telling him the Pac-12 isn’t safe without a move from Notre Dame, which conflicts previous reports that the Big Ten was no longer interested in Pac-12 schools.

“Regardless of whether Notre Dame joins the Big Ten or remains independent, the league still wants to add more Pac-12 schools to help reduce potential travel concerns for USC and UCLA, sources said,” McMurphy said in his report.

Another interesting part of the agreement is that the Big Ten’s conference championship game will be split between FOX (2023, 2025, 2027 and 2029), CBS (2024 and 2028) and NBC (2026).

When the new deal starts in 2023, Big Ten games will be televised at noon ET on FOX, in the 2:30 p.m. CT window on CBS, and in the prime time window on NBC.

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