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Big 12 Fans Dominating FOX’s College Football Fan Vote

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Iowa State

FOX College Football recently started a Twitter tournament called the College Football Fan Vote. Set up just like the March Madness bracket, the challenge started with 64 teams in four regions seeded from 1 to 16. The goal of this challenge is to declare the best fanbase in all of college football, based on the amount of votes each team gets in a given matchup.

The Fan Vote is down to the Elite Eight, and the remaining teams are as follows: Houston (12), West Virginia (7), Baylor (9), Oklahoma (2), Texas Tech (11), Oklahoma State (9), Iowa State (10), and Cincinnati (13).


That’s right. Every single team left in the FOX Fan Vote is a current or future member of the Big 12 Conference.

While the Big Ten and SEC are widely viewed as the top conferences in college football, the Big 12 certainly has a leg to stand on when it comes to passionate fans. The fanbases in the Big 12 are involved, educated, and downright rabid when it comes to defending their favorite squad. Don’t believe me? Go start an argument with an Oklahoma or Texas Tech fan on Twitter and see how long it takes before your mentions are blown up by a squadron of Sooner or Red Raider fans.


This conference is special and it has a charm to it that plenty of other conferences lack. That charm comes from mostly southern hospitality and an addiction to the sport of football.

The voting for the Elite Eight starts on Monday at noon CT, and features four matchups.

(13) Cincinnati vs. (10) Iowa State

(9) Oklahoma State vs. (11) Texas Tech

(2) Oklahoma vs. (9) Baylor

(7) West Virginia vs. (12) Houston

Make sure to get out there and vote for your team and may the best fanbase win.

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