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UC Regents Open to Preventing UCLA Move to Big Ten

Back in June it was announced that USC and UCLA, two of the Pac-12’s premiere programs, were packing up shop and heading to the Big Ten.

The schools’ “hasty” decision left their former conference in a vulnerable position, a position that it is still trying to find its way out of.

But could there be a loophole that keeps UCLA from leaving the conference at all? Potentially, according to the Los Angeles Times.


After the jaw-dropping news that USC and UCLA were heading out the door, University of California leadership proposed a new rule on Wednesday that could “limit campuses from making major decisions involving athletics contracts on their own.”

The more concerning part for UCLA is that two Cal regents, along with UC’s general counsel, suggested that there might be a way to block the Bruins’ move from ever happening.

“It’s important to understand that when the regents delegated authority to the president, they didn’t give it away or lose it,” UC system attorney Charlie Robinson said. “Essentially, what they did was extend it such that authority was with the regents and the president.”


After the conclusion of the meeting, UC regent John Perez suggested that his group held the power to keep UCLA right where they are.

“All options are on the table,” Perez said.

When asked specifically if they could keep UCLA from joining USC as a boarding partner to the Big Ten, Perez maintained his comments.

“All options are on the table,” Perez repeated, “up to and including that. … We’re going to look at what all the different options look like and then the board will assert itself in terms of what its desired outcome is.”

Obviously, time will tell whether UCLA makes the move or not, but it appears that there could be a legal battle brewing between California universities. Go figure.

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