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Quinn Ewers Says His Car Got Towed During Texas Game

Parking enforcement must have been rooting for Hudson Card to win the quarterback battle or Quinn Ewers needs to talk to his running back Bijan Robinson about getting a Lamborghini so he doesn’t have to worry about walking home after games.

After beating UL Monroe 52-10 on Saturday, completing 16 of his 24 passes for 225 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception, Ewers came out to find his car gone.

There are so many questions here. I’m sure Texas has special parking for staff and players. Was Ewers not parked in the right spot? Did parking enforcement make an error? Regardless, you would think the starting quarterback for one of the biggest football programs in the country wouldn’t have to worry about getting his car towed.



The fact that Texas won by six touchdowns had to take some of the frustrations away from Ewers, but I’m sure he is hoping that Saturday will be the last time this season he will have to find a ride home. This next week, Ewers might want to go have a talk with parking enforcement to make sure they know what he drives, since Alabama is coming to town and it will take the redshirt freshman’s all to pull of the upset.

College Gameday is headed to Austin with kickoff scheduled for 11:00 a.m. CST on Fox.

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