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UCLA’s Attendance Shows Pac-12’s Lack of Interest in College Football

ucla crowd

College football is back! The tailgating, the traditions, the pageantry are all back as fans pack the stadium to watch their favorite team.  Well, except at UCLA where fans continue to do everything except watch a game at the Rose Bowl.

On Saturday, UCLA set to open their 2022 season against Bowling Green at home. You would think that after the announcement of moving to the Big Ten in a couple of years that there would be some excitement around the football program. But that didn’t appear to be the case as they announced a crowd of 27,143 at the Rose Bowl.


Take a look at his picture above. Does it look there are over 27,000 people there? Absolutely not. Did they count season ticket holders that didn’t show up or just multiply the actual attendance times five? Also, I have seen more people at a six-man high school football game than this.

And check out those beautiful tarps! I say they need more tarps to cover up those seats. Maybe put the tarp over the entire top section around the stadium so the dozens of fans there can sit in the lower section and get a better view.


But one must wonder, why aren’t people showing up to games? Let’s take a look a one of the excuses from Saturday.

It looks like Doug went the Stewart Mandel route. Remember when Stewart said this a year ago?

100-degree heat? Oh, come on Doug. It’s early September and it’s hot nearly everywhere in the entire country. And what do beaches, pools and A/C have to do with anything? I guess other places around the country don’t have pools or A/C? It’s a good thing he played basketball because I am not sure he could have handled an outdoor sporting event.


Every team gets six or at most seven home games per year. That’s it. So, if fans can’t show up for the opening game that means that don’t care which just proves the point many of us Big 12 fans have been saying all summer long. PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT FOOTBALL ON THE WEST COAST.

Is Los Angeles the only place in America that has better things to do than go to a college football game or what? This is now two years in a row that UCLA is getting excuses from national media. People like Doug Gottlieb and Stewart Mandel can say whatever they want. They can write long articles or make excuses on Twitter but in the end, most logical fans understand that the folks out west don’t care about college football nearly as much as the rest of the country. Maybe UCLA can use some of that Big Ten money to pay people around the area to go to games.

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