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Four Former Big 12 Schools Embarrassed in Week 2

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Nebraska

The grass isn’t always greener. Just ask Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado and Texas A&M.

The four former Big 12 schools all didn’t just lose on Saturday, they were embarrassed. And one of them even decided to pull the plug on their head coach. Those four schools deciding to leave the league was almost the demise of the Big 12.

They all had their reasons at the time, but there’s no doubt that while the money may be better than the Big 12 (sans Pac-12/Colorado), there’s little joy being brought to these fan bases since they left the Big 12, and their futures don’t look much better than the past or present.



The Huskers lost to Georgia Southern at home on Saturday 45-42 and on Sunday the program fired Scott Frost. Frost came to coach his alma mater after a very successful run at UCF, but never won more than five games in a single season while compiling a 16-31 (10-26 Big Ten) record in four-plus campaigns.

Nebraska’s trend has been down since leaving the Big 12. Nebraska fired Bo Pelini after winning 9+ games in each of his seven seasons with the program. They then went 19-19 under Mike Riley before firing him. And now, the Scott Frost era has come to an end.

Texas A&M

Aggies fans will tell you that Saturday’s 17-14 loss to Appalachian State was nothing more than a blip on the radar and it doesn’t play a role in their goal of winning the SEC. But consider this, is the program under Jimbo really that much better than it was under Kevin Sumlin?


Look at these results.

There’s talent, and often is in College Station, but is there enough to win the SEC? I don’t see how a fan can suggest this program is on par with Alabama or Georgia right now. And what is there to suggest it will be any time soon?

A&M is making more money being in the SEC, but part of the reason they left was to run away from Texas. And that won’t be happening as Texas is set to join them in the SEC soon enough.


The Tigers got smoked by little, ole former Big 12 foe K-State on Saturday 40-12. Missouri thought it would go to the SEC and would become the the kind of team that could pop and compete in the SEC East every few years. Ironically, the only real success they had was the first two years after they left the Big 12. Since then, it’s been mediocrity from the end of the Gary Pinkel era to Barry Odom to Eliah Drinkwitz.

Drinkwitz has recruited well, but based on what we saw on Saturday, there’s little reason to believe Missouri is going to be competitive in the SEC this season.


And think of this, Missouri won three bowls games in their last five seasons in the Big 12. However, it’s been eight years (and counting) since this team won a bowl game.

They lost their rivalries, lost football competitiveness, their fans can’t travel easily to road games or to things like conference tournaments. But the check is bigger. Congrats.


One week after getting crushed by TCU, Colorado lost to Air Force 41-10. Air Force rolled up 443 total yards to just 162 for Colorado. The Buffaloes are heading for a dreadful season and are now stuck in the most vulnerable conference in college football in the Pac-12.

Since leaving the Big 12 over 10 years ago, the program has won more than five games just one time. And remember, this is in the Pac-12, which is notoriously been the weakest conference of the Power 5 for the last several years.

Despite some around Colorado apparently viewing the Big 12 as a “JUCO league”, they would be wise to accept an offer back to the conference, if it ever comes.

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