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Watch: Emmanuel Acho Has the Worst Big 12 Take of the College Football Season

emmanuel acho

“The Big 12 doesn’t play defense!”

Any time you’ve heard that from a college football fan over the last couple of seasons you know their still living in the first half of the 2010’s.

But to hear it from a supposedly credible analyst who gets paid to cover and follow the Big 12, well that’s a disappointment.


After Baylor rolled Texas State on Saturday, FOX Sports’ Emmanuel Acho had the worst Big 12 take of the 2022 college football season when he commented, “It’s easy to score in the Big 12 because nobody focuses on defense.”

Here’s the video.

After being called out by us, his first line of defense was as follows:


Of course, our rebuttal to that was an easy one:

He next went to the well of points per game (not always the best metric, but fine).

Of course, the reply to that is a fairly easy one as well.


Acho decided he was done with the conversation after that, never being able to back up his simple statement of, “No one in the Big 12 focuses on defense.”

Oh well, we look forward to the next time. Now you can decide for yourself who won this one!

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