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Watch: Mike Gundy Calls Bedlam History Because ‘OU Chose to Follow Texas’

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On Tuesday, Action Network’s Brett McMurphy reported that the Bedlam Series would officially end when Oklahoma makes its departure to the SEC.

A tragic headline that all college football fans will feel at some point as conference realignment continues to take some of this sport’s greatest rivalries away.

At this point, there seems to be a bit of reserved feelings from one side of the rivalry as both Oklahoma State fans on Twitter, its administration, and even head football coach feel that this rivalry ending is no fault of their own.


Mike Gundy wrote down his thoughts on the rivalry ending before meeting with media on Tuesday and here is what he had to say.

Gundy is right, Oklahoma State had nothing to do with Oklahoma leaving the Big 12 for the SEC. That was a business decision that, if given the opportunity, Oklahoma State likely would’ve made as well. With the Sooners making SEC money, it will greatly strengthen their infrastructure and allow the program to progress to new heights. Now, should they have made sure that Oklahoma State was a part of that? It’s certainly debatable, especially since the two schools share a state and have played each other in 112 consecutive years.

Now, where I believe Gundy is wrong is when he claims that Oklahoma State has “nothing to do” with Bedlam ending. Sure, Oklahoma set the path to leave the conference, but there is a precedent set for non-conference rivalries and the two schools could work something out if they wanted to. I’m just in the camp of thinking that Oklahoma State doesn’t want to keep it going. Why would they?

Gundy has a Bedlam record of 3-14 as the Cowboys head coach, and otherwise has been wildly successful in Stillwater. Now, he will get the chance to lead his team out from underneath the shadow of his in-state rival and dominate the Big 12.


If Oklahoma State truly wanted to keep the “history” of Bedlam going, Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione has been clear that he would be willing to make it work, however he has had no interest reciprocated from OSU AD Chad Weiberg.

“Oklahoma State has shown no interest to schedule any future games in football, so we’re moving on (with filling OU’s future nonconference openings),” Castiglione said.

“It (playing Oklahoma) presents logistical issues under our current (scheduling) structure,” Weiberg said. “We don’t have any openings to play them. We’re full. Unless there are significant undertakings to make the game happen, it can’t happen.”

So with that Bedlam is dead, and both parties are at fault. Now, let’s move on and understand that both parties are likely better off after the fact. If Oklahoma wants to prove itself one of the best three or four programs in the nation, it will get its chance in the SEC. Meanwhile, Oklahoma State is set to become king of the new Big 12, and is sure to bring some Big 12 trophies to Stillwater sooner rather than later.

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