Tirade Tuesday: Oklahoma and Texas Meltdown, Iowa State-Baylor Game Rigged

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas

Big 12 conference opened this past weekend (yes, I am aware that Kansas and West Virginia played in Week 2, Karen) and we saw several competitive games go the exact opposite of how Vegas saw things going.

In fact, all three games that involved Big 12 foes went against the spread, with the underdog winning all three games outright. Coincidence? I think not.

Of course, those kinds of results leave a bad taste in the mouth of the favorites, who somehow felt inclined to a win that was stolen from them by bad coaching, quarterback play, etc.

There were several “reasonable” tirades to remember from the weekend that was.


Oklahoma Fans Can’t Handle K-State Loss

The message boards were a solemn place to be after Oklahoma’s 41-34 loss to Kansas State on Saturday night.

There were fans asking for Dillon Gabriel’s job, ready to fire coaches, and some even went as far as to chalk up the 2022 season as a loss. It was a meltdown of Sooner proportions.

According to (bear with me) Anon5905136_Scout, simply believes that Oklahoma offensive coordinator Jeff Lebby was a bad hire.

This makes complete sense. The Oklahoma offense, which was held to 550 yards and 34 points, struggled to move the ball all night and Jeff Lebby certainly needs to go, because he clearly doesn’t have the pedigree to call plays at OU.


Texas Fans Also Struggle to Cope With Upset Loss

This one feels like low-hanging fruit, but the #FireSark movement has officially fired up after Texas’ second loss of the year.

Texas is now 3-7 in Big 12 games under Sarkisian and it seems that the Longhorns keep finding new ways to lose games every week, and apparently it is high-time to get rid of the guy.

Texas lost 37-34 to Texas Tech after Bijan Robinson fumbled on his first carry of overtime, allowing Tech to take over and kick a winning field goal a few plays later.

It appears the folks in Austin are taking the loss well, and not overreacting whatsoever.


Iowa State Fans Have Evidence that Saturday’s Game was Rigged

BREAKING NEWS: The Iowa State-Baylor game was rigged! According to sources close to the Iowa State program (message board) have reason to suspect that the officials were assisting Baylor to a 31-24 victory in Ames.

In fact, they must’ve been Bears’ fans and their bias played a role in the outcome of a game.

I have been living in a warped reality where college football is an unpredictable and wildly volatile sport, but I clearly need to take off my rose-colored glasses and see this for what it is. A scripted means of entertainment, just like WWE. Just don’t tell cousin Eddie that it ain’t real, unless you’re hurtin’ for an RKO.

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