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Big 12 Football Quarterback Power Rankings: Week 7

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There is no position in all of sports that is more important than the quarterback. A good quarterback can help hide other areas of weakness on a team while bad ones can bring down even the best of teams. Either way, having good quarterback play is crucial for any team that hopes to make it all the way. Just like with team power rankings, I wanted to do a weekly quarterback power ranking after every weekend. Here you will find out who is trending up or down depending on their play on the field.

1. Texas QB Quinn Ewers (Last Week: NR)

After being out a few weeks out due to a shoulder injury, Quinn came back at the perfect time for Texas. What better stage to make a comeback than the Red River Showdown? Ewers was excellent all game long as he threw for 289 yards and four touchdowns in the 49-0 beatdown of Oklahoma. If he stays healthy, he may arguably be the best quarterback in the Big 12.


2. TCU QB Max Duggan (Last Week: #2)

Max stays in the number two spot and had another impressive performance against a Top-25 Kansas team. He finished the day throwing for over 300 yards and three touchdowns. Duggan also got the job done on the ground as well as he rushed for 55 yards and a score. Right now, Max is playing like a top quarterback in the conference.

3. Kansas State QB Adrian Martinez (Last Week: #1)

He didn’t have the greatest stat line, but Adrian once again was the winning quarterback. Adrian went 12/19 for 262 yards and a score but he also led his team in rushing with 77 yards on the ground. Over the last few weeks, he hasn’t made mistakes and has been able to pick up those wins for his team.

4. Oklahoma State QB Spencer Sanders (Last Week: #3)

Spencer had some up-and-down moments against Texas Tech, but he also came back in a big way. He wasn’t the most efficient at throwing the ball, but he threw for nearly 300 yards. He was excellent in the red zone where he ran for two rushing scores on the day.


5. Baylor QB Blake Shapen (Last Week: #6)

Due to others moving, I moved Shapen up a spot even after a bye week.

6. Kansas QB Jason Bean (Last Week: NR)

Give credit to Jason Bean for stepping in for Jalon Daniels in the second half. The Kansas offense couldn’t do much against TCU but caught fire thanks to Jason’s four touchdown passes in the final two quarters. Without him, I am not sure if Kansas would have even been in that game, to begin with.

7. Texas Tech QB Behren Morton (Last Week: NR)

Another new quarterback makes his debut on the list. Texas Tech made the switch from Donovan Smith to true freshman Behren Morton, and it went well. Morton threw for 379 yards and two touchdowns while running in another against Oklahoma State. He didn’t look rattled much at all which is impressive for a quarterback making his first start on the road against a Top-10 team. It would be wise for Tech to keep him as the full-time starter.


8. Iowa State QB Hunter Dekkers (Last Week: #7)

Dekkers continues to fall on the list over the last couple of weeks. He didn’t do much in Saturday’s loss to Kansas State as he went 22//38 for 198 yards. The offense failed to score a touchdown and in their last eight quarters of football, Iowa State has scored just a single touchdown. I know Hunter needs more help but he’s in a bit of a funk right now.

9. West Virginia QB JT Daniels (Last Week: #9)

West Virginia had a bye week, so I kept JT put at number nine for the moment.

10. Oklahoma QB Davis Beville (Last Week: NR)

By far the worst quarterback performance of the weekend belongs to Davis Beville. He had trouble completing any passes and it was so bad that three other players ended up playing quarterback. It got to the point where the running backs were throwing passes in the Texas game.

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