Overreaction Monday: TCU is Big 12’s Only Hope at CFP, Nine Teams Could Go Bowling

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian

Every Monday during the college football season, fans of teams across the country return to work and discuss the events of the weekend with their coworkers. Around the water cooler or coffee machine, overreactions are born as suddenly one team is now a national title contender (they’re not) and another’s season is over after a tough loss (it isn’t).

Let us sift through the rumors, false allegations, and straight-up nonsense for you this season with overreaction Monday, where we tell you whether you need to cool the jets or you legitimately have something to worry about.


Iowa State Is, Without Question, The Worst Team in the Big 12.

Overreaction. Through seven weeks of football, we have seen the Big 12 emerge as the toughest and most competitive league in the country. It is nearly impossible to predict what will happen on a week-by-week basis in this conference, and Iowa State has had a bad stroke of luck recently. After a 3-0 start, the Cyclones looked primed to make a run at the Big 12 title. However, heading into their bye week, ISU is 3-4 and has lost all four of its games in Big 12 play by a combined 14 points. It has lost its last three by just seven points combined. The margin of error in the Big 12 this year is razor thin, and unfortunately, Iowa State is learning that the hard way. However, this team can beat anyone in the conference on the right day, and that’s what makes this league so brutal.

Kansas’ Struggles are Simply Because of Jalon Daniels’ Absence.

Overreaction. I would venture to say that Jalon Daniels’ presence in Norman wouldn’t have changed the outcome this past weekend, as the Jayhawks surrendered 701 yards and 52 points to the Oklahoma Sooners on Saturday. That isn’t going to win you many football games, and it certainly wasn’t Jason Bean’s fault that KU fell to 5-2 on the year. Bean led Kansas to 430 yards of offense and 42 points on the day and certainly did enough to keep Kansas in the game, but the Jayhawks only forced Oklahoma to punt one time on the day and gave up 36 first downs to the Sooners. Sure, having Daniels back would be a big deal going forward, but if they don’t figure out the defense, they could start reeling.


TCU is the Big 12’s Only Hope in the College Football Playoff.

Overreaction. While TCU is currently the Big 12’s best chance at reaching the College Football Playoff, it is not the conference’s only hope of making it into the field of four. As I see things going into Week 8, there are four teams with a chance at making the CFP: TCU, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Texas. Hear me out. TCU controls its destiny. If they win out, they are in. Oklahoma State could win out and get in as a one-loss champion over a one- or two-loss Pac-12 champ. K-State’s formula is the same, but a loss to Tulane is a bit harder to overcome, but it is feasible. Texas, which already has two losses, is potentially still in the running too. There’s a real chance that with a healthy Ewers, the Longhorns are undefeated. If they win out and get some help from the other conferences, there’s a chance that Texas is worthy of a playoff spot with two losses.

90% of the Big 12 Could Be Bowl Eligible at Season’s End.

Not an Overreaction. Parody and overall competitive games look to continue as the Big 12 schedule rolls along, and with that, there will likely be several teams at the top taking some lumps along the way. I believe there is a real chance that we could see nine of the Big 12’s 10 teams get to six wins, which would be incredible. Somebody out of Iowa State, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Texas Tech, or Baylor will likely have to sit out while the others go bowling, but with so much football left to play, it’s hard to see who that might be. I really don’t see any team in this conference going the rest of the way without dropping a game, and that means teams outside of the top three can stack up a few more wins. The race to the Big 12 championship game will be as fun as we’ve seen in recent years, and we are just now getting into the meat of the schedule. Hang on Big 12 fans, this is going to be a wild ride to the finish line.

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