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Fact or Fiction Friday: The Big 12 Title Game Will Have a Two-Loss Team, Iowa State the Top 3-4 Team in America

NCAA Football: Iowa State at Texas

Welcome to Fact or Fiction Friday. Each Friday I give you the opportunity to ask the most intriguing questions in the Big 12 Conference and I will tell you whether they come true or if they are set to fail. Let’s crack it open and see what we have in store this week.

A two-loss team will make the Big 12 title game.

Fact: I said before the season started that this conference would be wide open. I thought I had an idea of how the season would shake out and that went out the window weeks ago. This conference is eating itself alive right now because there isn’t a lot of separation between these ten schools. I believe we have a clear top four with TCU, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, and Texas. Those are the only four schools with less than two losses in conference play and with those four playing each other this weekend, someone else will join the two-loss club. We are at the halfway mark of the season and there is still plenty of football left. Nobody will go 9-0 in Big 12 play and at least one of the teams in Arlington will have two losses by December.


A Big 12 coach be fired after the season.

Fiction: Out of all the schools in the conference there is only one coach on the hot seat this season. That, of course, is none other than West Virginia head coach Neal Brown, who has a 20-21 record overall and a 3-3 record this season. No matter what happens this season in Morgantown, I have a tough time seeing Brown get fired due to the fact that he will be owed over 20 million dollars if he gets fired before January 1st of 2023. There is just too much money invested in Neal Brown for him to get fired after this season.

Iowa State is the best 3-4 team in college football.

Fact: I had to look through all of the power five conferences to look for teams with the same record. So far, Michigan State, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, Auburn, Vanderbilt, and Arizona have the same record through seven games. Give me the Cyclones over any of those teams right now.


Iowa State may be 0-4 in Big 12 play but look at their losses. They have lost four games by a combined 14 points and outside of the Baylor came, they could have very easily won the other three and be sitting at 6-1 instead of 3-4. The defense has been rock solid all year long but the offense was in a slump for the Kansas and Kansas State games. They finally broke the touchdown streak last weekend against Texas as the offense showed signs of life again. This team is talented enough to win some games but unfortunately, they just haven’t been able to win the close ones.

The new Big 12 television deal will happen soon.

Fact: During an interview, Big 12 commissioner Brett Yormark hinted that the conference could have an announcement coming soon. Yormark said that a decision will come from the Big 12 “in the next week or two.” That is some exciting news so be sure to stay tuned and hopefully it will be a nice payday for everyone.

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