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Steve Sarkisian Apologizes for Players Missing ‘The Eyes of Texas’ After Oklahoma State Loss

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After Saturday’s 41-34 loss to Oklahoma State, photos surfaced of a little over a dozen Texas players sticking around to sing “The Eyes of Texas,” a tradition that takes place after every Longhorns’ game, win or loss.

Steve Sarkisian wasn’t in attendance either, as he immediately walked off the field after the conclusion of the game.

Here’s a look at the image, taken by Anwar Richardson of OrangeBloods.com, showing that the head coach and the majority of the roster didn’t take part in the post-game tradition.


Sarkisian addressed the incident on Monday, apologizing to fans and alumni for missing “The Eyes of Texas” after Saturday’s game.

“I owe an apology to Longhorn Nation,” Sarkisian said as he opened his weekly news conference. “I made a mistake at the end of the game in not singing ‘The Eyes of Texas’ when the game was done. That was not anything intentional. That was not anything that had to do with our players. I think our players just followed me up the ramp into the locker room.

“Obviously upset by the way the game ended and literally walked off the field. So I apologize to everybody for that, that’ll never happen again.”

There was a bit of turmoil surrounding the song in 2020, when it was shrouded in racial controversy and was nearly canceled as a result. However, the school and its athletes decided to keep the song, in its current form, as the alma mater, which Sarkisian doubled down on when he was hired in 2021.

“’The Eyes of Texas is our school song,’” Sarkisian said at his introductory news conference. “And we support that song, we’re gonna sing that song, we’re gonna sing it proudly.”

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