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TCU’s Opponents Have Best Combined Record of Any Remaining Unbeaten Team

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After eight weeks of football, there are just six unbeaten teams remaining out of the 131 FBS programs in the nation: Georgia, Ohio State, Tennessee, Michigan, Clemson, and TCU.

TCU, the lone Big 12 team on that list, ranks the lowest on that list coming in at No. 7 in the latest AP Top 25, one spot behind a 7-1 Alabama team.

It’s not hard to reason how or why this could happen, as teams from the Big 12 outside of Oklahoma and Texas don’t get the credit they deserve because the logo on their helmet just isn’t big enough for those who decide where to rank teams.


However, when you look at who each of the unbeaten teams has defeated along the way, it becomes even more evident that TCU should be getting more respect than it is.

Sporting News’ Bill Bender posted the combined records of the teams that each undefeated squad has taken down through Week 8 to Twitter.

1. TCU 29-21(.580)
2. Georgia 29-22 (.569)
3. Tennessee 30-23 (.566)
4. Clemson 28-22 (.560)
5. Ohio State 25-27 (.481)
6. Michigan 25-28 (.472)

TCU, who has wins over No. 9 Oklahoma State, No. 22 Kansas State, and an absolute beatdown of Oklahoma, has faced the toughest test of any of the unbeatens when strictly looking at opponents’ win-loss ratio.

I’m not lobbying that TCU should be in the Top 3, or that it’s better than Georgia or Ohio State. I am just pointing out that having a team with one loss serving as a buffer between the Horned Frogs and the next undefeated team is ridiculous and shows the bias that these polls have each and every year.

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