Tirade Tuesday: Texas, Texas A&M Melting Down After Latest Blunders

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas

Texas, by all accounts, is the hub of football at all three levels of the sport. Love them or hate them, the Texas Longhorns and Dallas Cowboys are among the most recognizable brands in the entire sport, and Texas High School football takes a backseat to nobody.

There are 12 Division-I FBS college football programs in the Lone Star state, and the top team in Texas has been TCU, who is 7-0 and ranked No. 7 nationally at this point. For many, many years, Texas and Texas A&M have been the top teams, and brands, in their state. So much so that when the two teams met in the past, it was dubbed the “Lone Star Showdown.”

However, those two teams appearing on Tirade Tuesday mean that things aren’t going so well in Austin and College Station.


Angst in Austin

When we entered the 2022 season, Texas Longhorn fans felt that UT might just be a national title contender, whether right or wrong. Then, after a 20-19 loss to No. 1 Alabama, the hype might have even elevated. Of course, a loss to Texas Tech dampened expectations, but the return of Quinn Ewers and a 49-0 beatdown of Oklahoma brought expectations back to tops in college football.

Then, Stillwater happened. Oklahoma State hung around, forced three interceptions out of Ewers, and won a 41-34 contest, sending Texas to 5-3 (3-2 Big 12).

Folks in Austin are upset, and they’re prepared to sue the Big 12 for atrocious officiating on Saturday.

The fact that Big 12 officials were allowed to give Oklahoma State 41 points, 535 yards of offense, and 32 first downs on the day is just absurd. That cannot go unpunished and I, for one, hope that they are brought to justice in a court of law.


That loss knocks them out of the College Football Playoff conversation for good, but it also made it very hard for them to make it to the Big 12 Championship, considering what is left on their schedule. Right now, there is another meltdown happening in Austin, as we’ve grown used to over the years, and apparently, it’s time for Steve Sarkisian to go.

Perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere? I’m hearing that Art Briles is available.

Texas is down bad, but with Kansas State, TCU, Kansas, and Baylor left on the schedule, I’m afraid the worst might be yet to come.

Reveille Seeing “Ruff” Times in College Stations

Texas A&M’s live mascot, a Rough Collie known as Reveille, has been around in College Station for decades, with Reveille X currently serving. Her excitement was probably at an all-time high when Jimbo Fisher was hired back in 2017, but it hasn’t culminated in anything of promise.

Coming into the 2022 season, Texas A&M was supposed to be a national title contender after the best recruiting class in history and a roster stacked with five-star talent. Instead, A&M has floundered to a 3-4 start.


A&M fans have been fed up for weeks, and they are looking for any way possible to get rid of Jimbo Fisher, even selling their last, and only, recognized national championship trophy from 1939.

In their latest blunder, a 30-24 loss at the hands of South Carolina, they were screwed by the officials, just like Big Brother Texas was in Stillwater.

The meltdown in College Station has been nearly a weekly event, and at this point its time to come up with the $86 million to pay Jimbo’s buyout.

Perhaps worse than all of that are the rumors and reports of young players at A&M smoking weed in the locker room, not showing up to practice this week and some hitting the transfer portal, quite literally taking the money and running.

Don’t fret too much though Aggie fans, next year is your year.

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