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Watch: Joel Klatt Still Believes in Brent Venables and Oklahoma

When Oklahoma hired Brent Venables last winter, it was supposed to mark the beginning of the end of bad defense being played in the Palace on the Prairie.

However, the defense in Norman, Oklahoma, has been anything but good over the last six weeks. The Sooners are 4-3 and have given up over 40 points in each of their last four contests. The bleeding just doesn’t seem to stop as OU gives up big play after big play.


At this point, the Sooners’ preseason goals are shot. The College Football Playoff is far out of reach, as is the Big 12 Championship, but OU can still make it to a bowl game and salvage Year 1 under Brent Venables.

National media pundits like Colin Cowherd have written off the Sooners under Venables, saying that it was time that Oklahoma moved on from the first-year head coach.

However, there are still those that believe in what Venables is doing in Norman, including FOX Sports personality Joel Klatt. Check out what he’s got to say about the direction of Oklahoma’s program.

Klatt points out the losses that Oklahoma had to endure after last season, but still believes that the Sooners can figure things out.

“Oklahoma needs two wins out of those five games in order to go to a bowl game… I do think this is a team that’s going to end up getting those two victories and end up being a bowl team,” Klatt says.”I think that that’s good for Oklahoma. I came into the year if you’ll remember this, saying that this one of those years that [OU] is probably going to take a dip and they might lose more games than they ever lost under Bob Stoops, post-2000.”

“It’s just the nature of how much they lost and that’s playing out before us. If their defense can get a little bit better, their offense is pretty good. Two wins in the last five is certainly something you can expect from them.”

The Sooners will get their first chance at getting one of those victories against Iowa State this weekend in Ames, where they are currently favored by just one point.

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