Tirade Tuesday: Oklahoma State Joins the Party and Iowa State Just Won’t Leave

NCAA Football: Oklahoma State at Texas Christian

Before we get started today, something needs to be addressed. I don’t know how, or why, but we are already heading into Week 10 of the college football season.

Whoever keeps turning the days on the calendar or allowing the weeks to roll on at this rate needs to pick up their sword and fight the good fight. How are we already two-thirds of the way through the college football season? This has to stop. I’m not ready for another offseason filled with transfer portal news and preview magazines yet, but time stands still for no man, so for that, I digress.

After a Week 9 that saw all four games in the Big 12 decided by double-digits, it’s time to check in on some of the fan bases around the conference, some of whom are new to our weekly program and others who have become unwanted squatters in this establishment.


Welcome to the Party: Oklahoma State

*awkward kazoo noises*

Something must be in the water in the State of Oklahoma (I’ll do some digging) because both Big 12 teams that reside in the state have had their doors absolutely blown off in 2022. Oklahoma was demolished by Texas 49-0 earlier this season and last weekend, Oklahoma State went up to Manhattan and got embarrassed, losing 48-0. Sure, injuries played a part in both of these losses, but that’s no excuse to get beaten by 50 points.

Oklahoma State’s offensive line couldn’t have blocked the Bixby Spartans on Saturday (I’m halfway serious) as Spencer Sanders was running for his life most of the game and ultimately went down in the fourth quarter with what looked like a fairly serious shoulder injury. The loss was the worst of the Mike Gundy era and it sent Oklahoma State message boards into full-on meltdown mode.

Some fans even suggested that Mike Gundy and his staff should walk back to Stillwater, or even give him the Lane Kiffin treatment (tarmac incident of 2013).

Another fan, Osucowboys344, suggested that Oklahoma State forget each of the next two games and focus solely on Bedlam three weeks from now, which is smart because Iowa State hasn’t given Oklahoma State problems in the recent past and Kansas can’t score any points this season. What a genius idea!


Red Raider Rants

Texas Tech was riding high into a home night game against Baylor after a 48-10 win over West Virginia one week prior. Then, Dave Aranda and Co. rolled into Lubbock and dispatched the Red Raiders 45-17, leading TTU fans to think, “what the hell just happened?”

Well, a more physical football team just came in and handed it to you, but I guess we could find a more nuanced way of saying it… Maybe it just wasn’t your night?

TheRaiderfan, and I do mean THE Raider fan, is convinced that the better team didn’t win on Saturday night. Nope, the horrendous officiating and some mistakes led to Texas Tech’s demise.

*Completely unrelated note – Baylor freshman running back had 36 carries for 148 yards and three touchdowns in this game. Perhaps the problem was the Tech running defense? Then again, I could be way off.

Another fan, SAtechsan, suggests that the issue is with first-year offensive coordinator Zach Kittley, whom they think is way in over his head.

If you are unaware, a year ago Kittley was the OC at Western Kentucky, where he and QB Bailey Zappe led the most prolific offense in all of college football (outside of Ohio State).

There’s no excuse for Kittley’s scheme to not work in every game of the first year at Texas Tech. Except for that it’s his first year in the Big 12, he hasn’t had a single recruiting class yet, and Texas Tech ranks 19th in total offense and 35th in scoring offense in his first year. That is just unacceptable.


Let’s Check in on the Regulars

Iowa State fans have been around here for a little over a month now, and I just can’t seem to get them to leave. In the midst of their best era of football, Cyclones fans are now coming to grips with the fact that, after a 3-0 start, they might be hard-pressed to find a bowl game.

Some fans are ready to move on from Hunter Dekkers after eight starts in 2022. Yes, the same Hunter Dekkers that is their highest-rated quarterback prospect in history. Maybe, and this might be way off, but maybe he just needs some more experience?

It’s a really bad time to be a Busch Light in Ames, Iowa, but not for the same reasons. Ice-cold beer never broke anyone’s heart, but it can sure help mend it for the last place Cyclones.

While they aren’t in the Big 12 anymore, we still like to check in on Texas A&M fans here, because we are caring and kind people. How are y’all doing down in College Station?

Alrighty then, not too good I see.

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