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TCU Sees Biggest Jump in CFB Playoff Odds

After a turbulent week full of upsets, the TCU Horned Frogs made a massive jump in odds to win the 2023 CFB Playoff. These odds come from BetOnline, where the Horned Frogs have the 6th-best odds to win the title.

TCU held off West Virginia in a routine match 34-24, but the stories of the day were 4th-ranked Clemson losing to Notre Dame, 3rd-ranked Tennesee losing to Georgia, and 6th-ranked Alabama losing to LSU in overtime. The change boosted TCU from the 7th to 4th in the AP Top 25 behind only Georgia (9-0), Ohio State (9-0), and Michigan (9-0).


The selection committee will have a tough choice in deciding which teams to send to the post-season but as for right now, the odds are improving for the last remaining Big 12 team. TCU is staring down a matchup with two of the three teams in contention for the Big 12 title awaiting this weekend’s matchup with 18th-ranked Texas (6-3, 4-2), and next week’s game against Baylor (6-3, 4-2).

While TCU is currently ranked 4th in the nation, there are a total of five other teams with better odds to win the 2023 CFB Playoff. These teams include Georgia (1/1 odds), Ohio State (5/2 odds), Michigan (7/1 odds), Tennessee (16/1 odds), and Oregon (28/1 odds). It should be noted that even though TCU ranks higher than Tennessee and Oregon each of their losses against Georgia didn’t penalize them much. Tennessee took their first loss of the season last Saturday while Oregon got blown out by Georgia in week one.

TCU has put together a stellar season to this point and if they hope to keep their playoff hopes alive, they will more than likely need to win each of their last three games in Big 12 play to have a shot.

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