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ESPN Equipment Froze Ahead of Coldest College GameDay Ever

Rickie Fowler College Gameday

Tomorrow morning, ESPN’s College Gameday will be live from Bozeman, Montana, to preview the game between Montana (7-3) and Montana State (9-1) along with the other top matchups in college football for Week 12.

As you can imagine, November in Montana isn’t exactly a day at the beach but tomorrow is set to be history-making for the College Gameday crew.

At the time that this article was written, the temperature in Bozeman was 10°F and was set to fall as low as 1°F overnight. When the Gameday crew goes live at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, the temperature will be a cozy 3°F, which will make it the coldest College Gameday in the show’s history.


In fact, it’s so cold in Bozeman that the Gameday crew is already experiencing some technical difficulties thanks to the frigid weather.

There is some good news for those that will be in person for the show though, as Saturday is set to start a warming trend for the area and it will get all the way up 27°F with sunny skies and a light wind.

Still, College Gameday analysts Desmond Howard and Rece Davis aren’t exactly excited about the weather forecast on Saturday.

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