Fact or Fiction Friday: New Schools Rule in 2023, Sark Out at UT, Campbell’s Seat Warming

NCAA Football: Alabama at Texas

Welcome to Fact or Fiction Friday. Each Friday I give you the opportunity to ask the most intriguing questions in the Big 12 Conference and I will tell you whether they come true or if they are set to fail. Let’s crack it open and see what we have in store this week.

UCF and Cincinnati will lead the new Big 12.

Fiction: Don’t get me wrong, I think UCF and Cincinnati are two solid programs that have great head coaches in Luke Fickell and Gus Malzahn. Will they win some games right away? Sure, but I don’t see them playing in the Big 12 championship game in year one. Give them a year or to adjust to everything and get situated before crowning them. It took TCU and West Virginia a couple of years to get going when they joined ten years ago, and I would give UCF and Cincinnati some time as well.


Oklahoma State will win out.

Fact: This season has been completely unpredictable, so I am taking a shot in the dark and saying yes. Oklahoma State has struggled when quarterback Spencer Sanders is on the sidelines, and we will see him get the start this Saturday against Oklahoma. The offense looks hopeless without Sanders so getting him back is a big plus for the offense. If Oklahoma State can win Bedlam, all they have to do is beat West Virginia at home on Thanksgiving weekend. That should be a cakewalk, but they must take care of business against the Sooners first.

TCU Offensive Coordinator Garrett Riley will get out of his brother’s shadow.

Fact: Nobody may see it this way right now because his brother Lincoln is the head coach at USC and the former coach at Oklahoma. Lincoln had plenty of success in Norman winning a few Big 12 titles before moving out to southern California. With the way things look, Lincoln may bring home a Pac-12 title for the Trojans this season. While Lincoln may steal all the headlines in Hollywood, it is only a matter of time before Garrett Riley gets his chance. He is one of the best young offensive coordinators in all of college football and some school will give him his first job as a head coach in the next two years.


Texas boosters will fire Steve Sarkisian.

Fact: Isn’t this how every coach gets fired at Texas? The big-money donors get tired of losing and then they have a strong influence on the next hire to try and turn things around. As you can see, letting the boosters run the show has been a big part of the issue at a place like Texas. You can’t just throw money at all your problems and hope they get fixed. Sometimes you have to use your brain and think things through a little bit. The reason I said this is a fact is because you never asked when Sark would be fired. It could be next year or maybe even five years from now, but it will happen eventually.

Oklahoma will not get bowl-eligible this weekend.

Fact: I picked Oklahoma State to beat Oklahoma this weekend in Norman. With the way both teams have looked over the last two weeks I am not sure if either team is good enough to win. However, with Spencer Sanders coming back for the Cowboys, I like their chances with him at quarterback. I say Oklahoma State wins and Oklahoma will drop to 5-6 with just one chance left at bowl eligibility.


Matt Campbell’s seat is warm at Iowa State.

Fiction: Out of all the questions on here, this one is by far the silliest. I mean come on people. I know Iowa State’s 4-6 record isn’t loved by the fans in Ames but think about everything Campbell has done there. Before him, getting to a bowl game was a big deal and now it is expected. The man is in his seventh season there and has a winning record overall and in Big 12 play. When it is all said and done, Matt Campbell will likely end up being the best football coach in Iowa State history. There are going to be up and down years and right now, they are down. Keep in mind that just two years ago his team was playing for a Big 12 title and won a Fiesta Bowl. They lost of a ton of key players from the 2021 team that they had relied on for so long. Give these young guys some time.

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