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Former and Departing Big 12 Teams Have Won 37% of Their Games This Season

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Maybe the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. At least not this season.

The six former and departing Big 12 teams have won a combined 37% of their games, going 22-38 on the season. Texas is having the best season of the bunch at 6-4, while Oklahoma is 5-5, Missouri is 4-6, Nebraska and Texas A&M are 3-7 and Colorado is an abysmal 1-9.

The following graphic was put together by FOX Sports on Friday.


Needless to say, the four teams that left the Big 12 have got to be wondering if the right move was made 10 years after the fact. We made the case over two years ago that Missouri should’ve never left the Big 12 Conference, along with the idea that Nebraska should come home to the Big 12.

Neither will happen, but it would make sense for all involved.

The only one that has a chance of coming back is Colorado, depending on the future of the Pac-12.

But given the lack of success of the four teams who have already left, and this season’s struggles for Oklahoma and Texas who depart for the SEC in 2025, it has to make the latter two at least question if they are making the right move.

No doubt they will make more money, but money isn’t everything. Just as the fan bases.

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