The Big 12 Doesn’t Need Paul Finebaum’s Stamp of Approval

Paul Finebaum

Over the years, I have been asked why I enjoy doing what I do here. For me, the answer is easy. I enjoy watching college football and I enjoy talking about it. But not just any college football (although I love it all), more specifically Big 12 football. Long before this website started, I was hooked as far back as I can remember.

This site was created by Pete Mundo due to his love for the Big 12 and for the lack of respect the conference was and still is getting to this very day. Ever since the first year of the College Football Playoff, the Big 12 has gotten the short end of the stick. They never get the benefit of the doubt (unless it’s Oklahoma or Texas), and they never get talked about much in the national media.


It seems like each and every week this conference is talked about in a negative manner, and it is even worse when Texas and Oklahoma are out of the spotlight. Last year when the Texas and Oklahoma news broke, the national media (looking at your Stewart) was already digging the grave for the conference so they could bury it for good. Instead, the Big 12 went out and added four new schools in BYU, Houston, UCF, and Cincinnati.

These last two seasons have been interesting, to say the least, with four different schools making the conference title game. When the conference brought back the championship game in 2017 the Oklahoma Sooners dominated; winning six straight conference crowns dating back to 2015 all the way to 2020. While there were concerns about some of those Oklahoma teams getting into the College Football Playoff, they weren’t nearly as loud as the ones TCU is getting on a daily basis.

The funny thing is that none of those Oklahoma teams were undefeated. They all had at least one loss heading into championship weekend. Yet, here we are with a 12-0 TCU team, and the national media acts like they don’t belong. And if you don’t know what I am talking about, watch this.

Now, this was said two weeks ago on ESPN’s First Take. First off, I can guarantee that none of these three people in this video have watched more than three snaps of Big 12 football this season. Stephen A. Smith was worried about the strength of schedule for TCU and yet they have a better strength of schedule than any of the other three teams inside the top four. While Stephen A’s argument was lame, it didn’t compare to what Paul Finebaum had to say which was “This isn’t the old Big 12, this is the TCU Big 12.” What in the hell does that mean? Do you think he would have said that if Texas or Oklahoma was undefeated? It amazes just how clueless some of the talking heads on ESPN are.


However, the loudmouth of the South didn’t stop there because he had to double down on his awful take on the Big 12.

Not only did he downplay the success of TCU once again, but he took another shot at the conference saying, “TCU will play in a Big 12 championship game that none of us are going to be watching closely.” To me, that was an odd thing to say considering that the Big 12 Championship game is being aired by the very same company that writes his overpriced paychecks. But it gets even better because now College GameDay will be in Arlington on Saturday which makes Paul’s comments look even worse and after the latest playoff rankings, the Big 12 championship game will be the only conference title game that will feature two teams in the top ten.


After all that smack talk, I guess Paul Finebaum finally got hit with a dose of reality and he has now shifted his stance on the Big 12 title game.

All of a sudden, he’s “All in” on watching the Big 12 championship game. Do I really believe that? Hell no I don’t. The only reason he took back those comments is that he looked like an idiot for saying what he’s said over the last two weeks. Paul Finebaum is a man who covers the SEC, and he quite frankly doesn’t care about the Big 12 Conference.

Do I care if he watches the game on Saturday? No, I don’t, but when you talk badly about the Big 12 without any facts then you deserve to be called out. That’s why this website exists. Because the same old, tired, and lazy narrative about the Big 12 is still being spewed on your television, and all over social media.  We don’t need Paul’s stamp of approval on the Big 12 Championship game. In fact, we don’t need anyone’s approval, especially those that tried to help kill this conference.

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