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Nick Saban Makes the Case for Alabama Over TCU, Ohio State in College Football Playoff

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi State

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is doing his best to lobby for his team to make the College Football Playoff, instead of TCU or Ohio State.

It’s all but a done deal that Georgia and Michigan will play in the Playoff, but many believe the final two spots will come down to three teams: TCU, Ohio State and Alabama.


TCU lost its first game of the season on Saturday in overtime against Kansas State in the Big 12 Championship game, while Ohio State and Alabama were watching from the couch. So naturally, Saban is trying to make the case for his team, which lost two games this season, to reach the Playoff.

Saban joined FOX at halftime of the Big Ten Championship Game between Michigan and Purdue and said, “What I would say to the committee and anyone else is, if we played any of these teams on the edge or getting in, ‘Would we be the underdogs or the favorite?”

Take a look below.

Of course, if we are going to go based off of what Vegas oddsmakers think, why don’t we skip the entire regular season? What’s the point of any of it?


And, also, Vegas lines are set to get money on both sides of the line, which isn’t necessarily always about who the best team is going into the game. So it’s really a moot point.

Reality is this, Alabama has lost two games, and no two-loss team has ever made the Playoff. Oh, and Bama was favored in both of its losses. The argument for Bama is that their two losses came down to the final play (Tennessee, LSU). But if we’re going to play that game, should we discuss how they barely beat a bad Texas A&M team or hung on against Ole Miss? They’re a couple of plays away from 12-0, but also a couple of plays from 8-4.

Frankly, this is embarrassing from NIck Saban. And it’s pathetic that ESPN and FOX are letting him politick like this.

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