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Bill Snyder Accidentally Tweets Out ‘Rest in Peace’ Mike Leach

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The phrase “RIP Mike Leach” was trending on Twitter on Monday night, but not because the Mississippi State coach had officially passed away, but rather because of a tweet from former Kansas State coach Bill Snyder.

The 83-year-old took to Twitter on Monday evening and tweeted out: “Truly saddened by the death of a good friend and a special man. Mike Leach will always remain special in my heart and the hearts of many. Not only a unique and talented coach, but one who taught life lessons to so many young men whose lives he changed for the better. Rest in Peace.”


Oops. But Mike Leach, according to all public reports as of Monday night, is in critical condition, but is still alive, after suffering a heart attack over the weekend.

Snyder followed up that tweet with another tweet, saying, “I’m now told that Mike has not passed. Brings warmth to my heart. And I apologize deeply for my premature tweet. Please forgive me and continue your prayers for Mike and his family.”

Snyder eventually ended up deleting both tweets. Here are the screenshots below.


While we are all quick to react on social media, 83-year-old former legendary coaches should probably have someone by their side before hitting “send” on any social media interactions. Just a friendly suggestion.

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