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Watch: Steve Sarkisian Goes Berserk on Alamo Bowl Employee

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Being the head football coach at a place like Texas is sure to have all kinds of stressors; that’s why Steve Sarkisian literally gets paid the big bucks.

However, when you’re in that kind of position, you are the face of the program. You have to know that everything you say and do is going to be under a magnifying glass.


That’s why it was such a surprise to see Sarkisian go into a blind fit of rage on an Alamo Bowl employee as the Longhorns’ were about to come onto the field.

Anwar Richardson of OrangeBloods.com shared the original video.

It doesn’t take a genius to understand what he said there, and it is clearly NSFW.

My question is, why is he so upset? Yes, the employee put his hand on Sarkisian to keep him from exiting the tunnel, but that kind of response was unsolicited.

The Longhorns went on to lose to Washington, 27-20, and fell to 8-5 on the year. Perhaps he saw the loss coming? Or maybe that cowboy hat was a bit too snug?

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